Friday night rants or how I hate you all…

So since this is my blog on WordPress and the WordPress “dashboard” for peoples individual sites show how people are finding your site I have paid some attention to it.  Well to say the least it shows keywords used in search engines to find the site and I noticed that at the top are “bitch slap”, “communism”, “Obama” and “underage prostitutes”. The first one was from one article I wrote that was just talking about Bob Dole’s letter to Scott Mcclellan something I thought was rather amusing to say the least.  On communism and well socialism I have a tendency to talk about it due to it’s thing for oppression and mass murder and my general dislike for it.  On Obammers I have a tendency to make fun of him a lot so that all makes sense.  The last one however does kind of bother me though.  Granted I typed that into Google picture search so I could get a photo (clean one) for two articles I wrote on here “Miscarriage of justice” and “How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do this?“.  What bothers me is that especially with the second is that I put a lot of links at the bottom of the article for people so they could help in some way with trying to rid the world of human trafficking especially of underage children.  However if would seem that very few people ever clicked on any of those links.  Now this isn’t a rant yelling at people for not trying to help although I think more people should and I understand that many people will not.  The problem is that many people reading about something like the trafficking of young children you want to know more and while they might not help or be able to would at least check out some of the links at least out of curiosity.  They might at least make a comment about how terrible it is so as to at least register their disgust.

So what’s the real problem?

Well Lets see, I have a large number of people who find this site by doing a search for underage prostitutes and not a lot of people checking out the links of web sites trying to end this kind of thing.  So who are these people looking online for underage prostitutes but not for the purpose of stopping human trafficking of underage children?  I have several theories.

1 – The people are doing Google searches for underage prostitutes for some non-perverted reason and when they find my site they don’t find it helpful in their quest to learn more about it to help stop it since they already have been to all the links provided and have more information then I have put out, they don’t feel they need to go to any of the links or just don’t feel the need to make a comment.  All innocent.

2 – The FBI is doing searches to find out what they can to track down online predators and after reading the site don’t have any more reason to be there.  Oh god the government might be monitoring me!  Wait, I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m on their side….

3 – There are a whole bunch of perverted fucktards out there doing searches for underage girls so they can get their jollies off.  This bothers me for several reasons.  One I have a web site unintentionally teasing perverts and two fucking hell I have a web site teasing perverts.

So anyway if the reason is number three I would just like to say this to all you people out there:

A bullet in the head is to good for you!  If you get you jollies off by abusing children you should be put to death as painfully as possible.  Really you are all sick and should be killed as you have proven to the world that you are incapable of being anything even close to a decent human being let alone being human at all.  No you fucks there are no “underage prostitutes” here and there never will be so piss off with your douchebaggery you little useless piles of human waste!

To the rest of you please go to the links I posted at the bottom of the article “How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do this?” or here and try to help.  Hell at least go down to the local red light district and shoot a couple pimps or something.  Sorry if this drunken rant wasn’t very funny but some things aren’t.


UPDATE:  I had a tag on here for a while called “child porn” since it sent you to articles where I talked about it in some way (and my hatred for it) that I have since changed to “child abuse” just so I didn’t have a link on here that said “child porn”.



  1. At least people don’t find your blog whilst looking for Amish boys. 🙄

  2. It bothers me that you say that. I know I don’t want to ask but how often does that happen to you?

  3. I would say that someone reaches me that way about once a day. I even occasionally get the “amish boys masturbating” traffic. It really is sad. And it all goes to that post about the boys in Britain whose imam forced them to flog themselves.

  4. The world needs an enema.

  5. Just realized that child porn was a category…and I’m thinking to myself, “why the fuck does this douchecicle have `Child Porn’ as a category?!” So I clicked it…

    Usually when I search, I look for Bi-Lateral Amputee Midget Amish Boys Masturbating…I have a soft spot right below my balls for this sort of thing.

    On a serious note though, the best way to stop human trafficking (except for Asian wives, of course) is to just start killing people….I mean really, go here: then go here: It’d probably be easier to just buy one bullet and kill yourself though, because no matter how many sick perverted Michael Jacksons you kill, there’s hundreds of thousands more.

  6. You also have a soft spot in your head.

    I have Obama as a category too, but that doesn’t mean I like him. Granted I should probably merge the child porn one in with Human Trafficking but I don’t.

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