SNL tells the truth and gets yelled at.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Saturday Night Live: Bailout Press Co…“, posted with vodpod

This video keeps getting taken off youtube and any other place it is for pissing off the right people (stupid telling the truth about things).

Just in case you didn’t know it was the Democrates that caused this and not Bush.  Granted they will blame Bush and the Republicans but remember they also blame the man for causing huricanes and floods.  Just try to read the truth about all this rather then say the Daily Kos (crazy jack asses with a limited grasp on reality, logic or regular bathing habbits).
I got a new one up thanks Konservo.

UPDATE:  The original is back up on NBC’s website at least for now.



  1. what’s with the fuck itunes?

  2. If it gets yanked again, Konservo uploaded it and has it posted on his blog.

  3. Yep got yanked again. Thanks Melo. I will see if I can get a new one but till then every go hang out with Konservo.

    Wrong post CB but if you must know it’s really my potential to spend a ton of money on music and iTunes only adds to the problems I have with Amazon and buying music. At least it’s cheaper and has a better selection then most Music stores though.

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