Fuck iTunes. No Really I hate you!

Why because I just found out how much crap I can get off of there and how much money I am about to waste tonight.

I always loved having the album especially for bands that I really love but come the fuck on it’s cheeper then used shit off amazon half the time damn you steve jobes damn you!

I have spent too much money this weekend and it’s only Friday!  Well to be fair I had to rent a tux for one of my friends weddings and buy a new shirt for my other friends wedding since I can’t go to that wedding unless I look like a Yakuza pimp.   Before you say something about that it was between getting a new shirt for one of my good suits and looking like I’m Yakuza or putting on a clown or panda suit for the wedding.  Yes I’m only a guest so all she asked me was not to show up in a “banana hammock” since I wasn’t a groomsman (yes I don’t know how I got invited either).

I have good friends.

Oh yeah and fuck you iYunes!


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