The price of a grape

I loved this quote from the movie:

“There are men who would buy grapes chewed by high school girls for 120,000 Yen”

For those who don’t know the conversion right now 105 Yen is about 1 Dollar.  Although it’s usually about 115 Yen to the Dollar in the last couple years.  I usually just hide the last two numbers and convert to dollars so 100 Yen is $1  and 1000 Yen is $10 to make it quick and easy for small purchases.  Back to the point.  That’s about $1,143 for chewed grapes. Or in this case $285.75 per grape since the guy got 4 of them.  However this movie was made in 1998 when the Yen rate was on average 130 Yen to the Dollar.  That would be $923.08 for 4 grapes and $230.77 per grape.  Granted my math could be wrong because I am terrible at it and Mr. Calculator could be screwing with me for all I know but either way WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!

Why do I bring this up?  Well I have a thing for strange films.  My favorite director is Miike Takashi if that is any help in your psychological evaluation of me (hint: I probably need help).  The movie Love & Pop is directed by Hideaki Anno of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise fame and was his first live action film (non Anime).  The movie explores the the Japanese practice of Enjo kōsai or Compensated Dating and shortened to Enkō.  Enko is not Prostitution or is not usually.  Statistically less then 10% of the girls involved delve into the prostitution aspect of it.   The usually date either involves going out to dinner or Karaoke or both, and in exchange the girl who is usually in high school will get money or gifts for spending time with the older man.  This movie likes to delve into the worst and most disturbing aspects of Enko however.  In the end you get a little taste of the disturbing aspects of this kind of thing without going way to far into perversion and sickness to the point of nausea.

Just so all you perverted little nerds out there understand before to decide to fly off to Japan and buy a date with a Japanese school girl this is common enough that people know about it but most people do not do this and is generally frowned upon by society as a whole.  I’m not really here to write a review for the film.  It was a decent film I just thought the thing with the grapes was funny and had to share.


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