Saturday night ranting and why I hate you all

Animals are simple things.  They run on instinct.  Food, Fight, Fuck,  that is the entire world to them.  There is nothing else they have no mind to think different.  Mankind on the other hand has the ability to reason.  To think.  To create.  What do they do with this?  Food, Fight, Fuck.  People are not very bright little things.  They act just like animals only since they have the ability to reason they should be different, right?  Rather then using the intellect and the ability to reason man acts like animals.  They do use their ability to think and reason however only they use it to excuse every little atrocity they do trying to explain it away and justify their hideous selves.  The ability of man allows him to use his intellect to stop his baser instincts and become a higher being.  It is the ability to reason that lets man control his instincts something an animal cannot do.  Yet man does not do this.  Why?  All morality and religious teachings are based off of the concepts of self control.  Self control that was the highest concept that came out of mans ability to reason and is what truly separates us from an animal.  Why does this not happen?  We used our intellect to destroy it.  We debate our way into justifying our every hideous deed and baser instinct.  Our Ego we let run we can’t tell ourselves that maybe the world does not revolve around use and that maybe it’s our own faults that our lives are shit. The rapist that uses the excuse that he couldn’t help himself because of the way the woman was dressed.  Oh he had no control it was all her fault.  Bullshit.  The lazy bastard that would rather blame society for his failings rather then himself.  The fat man that blames a fast food chain for his weight but never seen the inside of a gym let alone used one.  Would it shatter your precious egos so much to admit your own faults?  I can’t feal sorry for man.  I can’t.  You destroy yourselves and blame others for it.  Why would I feal sorry for you?  If you are so fragile that you can’t even look into your own hearts and admit the truth about yourself you deserve everything you have coming to you.  You deserve to be destroyed.
A poor person in Ghana is dying of starvation  and has nothing but rags for cloths and a mud hut they call a home.  A poor person in America is fat, has a TV a microwave oven, several pairs of shoes and maybe even a car.  The poor in America are richer then the middle class in half the countries on earth.  Fat people don’t know true in poverty.

I knew a lady in Savanna who would spend 50$ on scratch off lotto tickets every day while her 3 year old son always had dirty old cloths and looked hungry.  that’s 350$ a week, 1,500$ a month, 18,000 a year.  I don’t say this to say gambling is wrong.  There is nothing wrong with putting down a couple bucks on a house or at the tables if you have the extra money you don’t need.  The problem is that the lottery is that the poor waist their money thinking they are going to hit the jackpot that is next to impossible to get and the state gets all the money.  They take your money with false hopes to keep you poor and in their pocket.  So the poor become slaves to the state and the state has control over your lives.  A casino has better odds then the lotto but most states won’t let you play a game of cards for money.  They lottery is a scam.  They can do this because people are raised to expect to be rich without having to do the work to get them there.  Society and the worlds owes them something.  In truth NO ONE OWES YOUR SHIT!

They teach kids in school to have self esteem but don’t make them earn it.  A nation of people that hasn’t earned their own egos.  We have a man who wants to be president but has never accomplished  anything of value.  He even wrote two books about himself yet never accomplished anything worth reading about.  How is this possible?  A nation that expects to be given without earning.  Animals are honest. Food, Fight Fuck.  We are are liars one and all.  Ego without a reason or point. Douglas MacArthur had a massive ego but he did something to earn it.  What have you done?

What are we?  Food, Fight, Fuck, I’m Special.  Just don’t ask me to prove why I’m special because if you do you are oppressing me.

I hate people.  I really do.  I care about the 13 year old girl sold into sexual slavery because that is a tragedy.  I don’t care about your fat stupid ass sitting in your house bitching about the world because you think it owes you something.  You had a choice and you fucked it away.  I have no sympathy for you.

This is why I write letters to the dying dream I once called the Human Race.


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