Thanks P. Diddy for some of the least informed political commentary of this election.

Yeah the P. Diddily doo video is funny in the killing brain cells kind of way. Lets go through my questions to Puff Doofus together kids.

1. The spinning and screaming “didy Obama blog” over and over yeah that’s annoying if not pointlessly idiotic just in case you didn’t know that.

2. “There are no crack heads, crime or black people in Alaska” comment. Lets take the first two of them right now. If there really isn’t any crime or crack heads or even junkies and drug addicts in Alaska that would make Sara Palin the most effective and best state governor there is in the United States. Not having crack heads and crime is a good thing you tool.

To the question “Are there even black people in Alaska”? Yes there are if you opened a book once or twice in your life you might know that. Now since you used all three at the same time are you equating black people with crime and drugs and trying to say the reason Alaska doesn’t have crime or crack heads is because of the lack of black people? Isn’t that a bit racist and ignorant?

3. “Alaska”? Yes moron it is a state and people do live there. Just because you don’t doesn’t make it not a state. Hell the fact you don’t live there is a plus.

4. If you are going to try to get involved in politics and have a message you want to put out you might want to figure out how to properly speak the English language or at least one or two complete sentences. Slang is fine now and then but really what the hell? Next time try not to drop out of college you might have learned something.  Granted you should have learned what a sentence was by middle school but that is another story.

5. Puffy boy how was saying that McCain should have picked Michelle Obama as his running mate not and idiotic statement? Think about this Sara Palin has more experience then Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s only experience is being married to Barack how would she have been a good pick? Really Michelle?

6. Were you drunk or stoned when you did this video? It’s OK if it’s true. Hell it makes more sense if you where. Plus you can use the “I was drunk” excuse to get out of some of the mocking you are going to get from anyone with at least half a brain. Really though if you did that dead sober you might need some help.

7. It’s good that you try to do something other then make crappy music – well it’s not really making music if all you do is sample other peoples music without adding anything new other then your own crappy little raps- but I think you should take up fishing or something because the political commentary bit isn’t working for you either and you at least made money off of steeling and or destroying other peoples music.

8. I know you like Obama but why? You talked a lot about minorities and especially about blacks is that the only thing you care about the color of Obama’s skin? If it is you might be a racist. Sorry if that is the only thing then you are a racist. You never said anything about Obama other then about him being black, nothing about his policies or his political beliefs nothing. So really why do you like Obama so much?

9. Seriously are you drunk?

10. Puff didily doo do you realize that your entire rant reminds most people of this quote from the movie Billy Madison?

“what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

11. You are 38 years old and rich as hell how exactly do you represent the youth? Further more if you represent the “youth and the future” this country is fucked. So what is this country is going to end up being run by narcissistic and uneducated children that can’t even string enough words together to form a complete sentence while twirling around like a drunk ballerina?

12. Sean Combs is not your “government name” it’s the name your mother and father gave you. What the hell is a “government name” anyway? If you want a new name how about this one Moronic Narcissistic Jackass since that sounds rather fitting don’t you think?

13. Yes Alaska it’s a place please sober up.

I would like to thank Because No One Asked for putting this up on her site where I have the unfortunate pleasure of watching this tripe. Thanks Michele for the hurting. Apparently the original video was deleted but it’s still out there.



  1. Thinking about his “Government Name”; didn’t he have to go through the government to get his name legally changed? LOL

  2. That is only if he changed it legally and I don’t think he did. I think he just likes to make up crap and just keep changing his name for publicity or because he thinks it’s cool.

    He also had to call himself Ciroc Obama in the video I have no idea why but it looks like he is one of Obamers little cult followers.

  3. […] Puff Daddy is a moron just in case you didn’t already know. […]

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