Apologetics and Palin

So anyway I noticed there is a lot of hateful and vindictive comments out there about Sara Palin and frankly most of it is fucking sick. Look I don’t usually like coming to the defense about a politician because well they are politicians and most are strait out scum. But to all the people out there talking shit fuck you hardcore like ya bastards. No she would not have been my first pick, my first of the ones on the list long and short being Michel Steele and the second Bobby Jindal but she is a good person and I do respect her. She isn’t Thomas Sowell – who should be President right now – but he never wants to run anyway. Is she a bit inexperienced? Well it depends on what you are talking about if you are talking about executive experience she is the only one that has any you morons. She is a governor of a state and the job is similar to the president only on a smaller scale and without the foreign policy parts. None of the other candidates have any of that. Yes she doesn’t have as much as Biden or McCain in D.C. politics but hell isn’t D.C. the place that rapes us every other day? She also has more experience then Obama and she is only going for the VP slot not the President but some how Obammers experience doesn’t matter but hers does? Hello Pot I’m the mothafuckin Kettle!

Yeah I’m a little angry what about it?

You want to make up lies about her kid what kind of sick asshole do you have to be to make up rumors about a fucking kid with down syndrome? Like Palin’s family and her child don’t have enough to worry about you have to pull this shit on a fucking kid? Yes her daughter is also pregnant so what do you do yell at her and her mother like your shit don’t stink. This does not make Palin a hypocrite because her daughter got pregnant the kid made a mistake and she is doing the right thing and is going to deal with it and love that child with the help of her family. How old where you the first time you had sex? We all make mistakes and we deal with them or you fucking run to other people and demand they deal with it. Well guess what fuck you take responsibility for yourself and that’s what these kids are doing. Plus not only that but I heard a bunch of people saying it was rape (sometimes they said statutory rape but usually not). So the kids father might be 18 so the fuck what! We are talking about two people a year apart it’s not like the guy is 35 he is 18, ONE FUCKING YEAR!!!!! Now you bastards what to destroy him and call him a rapist to score political point HAVE YOU NO FUCKING SOULS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS? He is going to do the right thing and marry her like a real man does and people call him a rapist FUCK YOU! Kids make mistakes and these kids are taking responsibility for theirs like they should wish them luck, pray for them or something not this shit. You people piss me off more then the asshats that broke into my car this weekend. They might be degenerate asswhips but you people just sicken me.

Then there is the crap about “she needs to stay at home and deal with her family” shit like a woman’s place is in the home. Well guess what if she wants to work and her husband takes care of the kids what is wrong with that this is the 21st century you freaks. Yes I think that while kids are not of school age one of the parents should be home but let them pick the one and that is the ideal not the standard or something that is always possible. Most families have two working parents that is life. Welcome to the real world assholes!!!!

I’ll tell you this I might have had to hold my nose to vote for McCain but I know damn well I can vote for Palin with clarity. You might not like her politics and that is fine we are allowed to have our opinions but come the fuck on!  People are attacking her kids and spreading lies about them and her for political points rather then debating the real issues.

You are all scum.



  1. Like Bristol Palin doesn’t have enough to worry about without the media and leftards swarming her like vultures. It’s sick.

  2. I can understand talking about the spouse but only to a point as long as it is in reason and if it is relevant in the situation or to the topic and truthful but this is just wrong. We are talking about children. The kid got pregnant and is trying to do the right thing, she didn’t mow down a school bus full of nuns with an AK-47 while on crack and people are going after her just to to hurt her mother. Kids make mistakes but these people are supposed to be adults. No one is perfect that is life and this is just sick.

  3. Isn’t it crazy that the supposedly pro-woman feminist crowd are the ones screaming the loudest that Sarah Palin ought to be at home taking care of her family?

    If she were a Democrat, the spin on this would be entirely different. Of course, if she were a Democrat, she wouldn’t be a candidate for Vice-President, would she?

  4. If the left didn’t have communism and hypocrisy they wouldn’t have any talking points.

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