wait this is what we worry about?

Openly gay diver wins gold

Woohoo Who cares. Really Good for you on winning the gold but really does what hole you prefer to stick it in really matter? This isn’t quite like Jessie Owens giving Hitler the finger now is it. You are in China the country that jails reporters for telling the truth, cheats in the games to win by abusing children and murders innocent people and sells their fucking organs for profit and this is what we get from the fucking “news”?

Remember Tibet? Anybody? This Olympics is a fucking sham and a travesty for human rights and we are worried about this! You might as well have spelling bee in North Korea and get all happy because a blond girl wins.

I hate it here…



  1. He certainly looks happy.

  2. Well I guess it’s easy to be happy if you’re not a member of the Falun Gong or a Tibetan about to get whacked and have your organs sold to rich foreign assholes.

  3. I still don’t get how China landed the games in the first place…. and I’m not wild about Russia having the 2014 winter games either.

  4. I think next they are going to give the games to North Korea or Iran.

  5. Wouldn’t Iran be fun? Imagine women’s beach volleyball with the Burqini.

    And we all know what happens to gay men in Iran. They cease to exist.

  6. Yeah they do cease to exist just like a Chinese or Cuban journalist.

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