Conspiracy theories and the truth about who killed JFK.

Every one likes a good conspiracy theory but that’s because most people are incredibly stupid. If you don’t believe me that the world is filled with stupid people think of these six things: Rap music, Islam, Scientology, Marxism, Wicca and Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House. Now tell me the world isn’t filled with stupid. The rest of use like them because they are funny.

Conspiracy theories, There are a lot of good ones out there and no matter how crazy, stupid or obviously fake they are – such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the people that claim the Earth is really flat and we faked the Moon Landing to “prove” it wasn’t – people want to believe them. Hell in much of the Middle East the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now an addendum to the Qur’an. Like I said people are stupid. Just remember that 99% of all conspiracy theories are fake and that 75% of all statistics on the internets are made up on the spot. Another thing about these conspiracy theories is they all involve “The Jews” or “The Government” and are so complicated that William of Ockham is undoubtedly spinning in his grave fast enough to power Austria for a hundred years if the energy could be properly harnessed.

Sometimes however we do get into that 1% such as when the Venona Project was de-classified and proved that most of the insane theories about the actions of the Soviet Union in relation to espionage where found to be true. Interestingly enough even with the final decrypts of the Venona project some people still try to defend the Rosenbergs or Alger Hiss. Joseph McCarthy was considered the evil and insane conspiracy theorist when he spoke of the large amount of Soviet spies in sensitive positions of the government and was lambasted by much the public for it. He was however correct, there where and had been long before he showed up on the scene. However before I get angry calls from people over my defense of the evil McCarthy and how he and HUAC had poor actors and writers blacklisted in Hollywood remember that he had nothing to do with that. One McCarthy was in the Senate not the House, HUAC being a House sub-comity and not a Senate one. Two McCarthy was going after spies in the government such as in the Pentagons code room, why anyone thinks he gave a shit about some asshole actor in Hollywood is a moron and it is just the inane rantings of the idiots who actually think they matter.

Any hoo since I have begun to write like a paranoid with Attention Deficit Disorder I will try to get back on to the point of this rant. Conspiracy theories most people have them About the Kennedy assassination well I am here to give you the truth of what happened on November 22, 1963. I’m sure you have all heard a few interesting theories about what people think “Really” happened that day and I am here to tell you, you are wrong. Sure they might sound nice but lets go over a couple of them.

The Mob did it: No they didn’t. Yes JFK was in bed with the Mob to help himself get elected. It’s true we all know this. Hell you can’t get even one vote in Chicago without the Mobs help and yes Kennedy did overwhelmingly win Cook County, but really why does anyone think that the Mob would be stupid enough to bring that much bad attention to their activities. Their whole point is to stay as hidden as possible so they can keep their illicit business going. Anyway why would they kill the kid of one of their own. They all had money from when they had been bootlegging hooch so did the Kennedy’s. It would have been easier to just blackmail him then kill him and they could get more out of it. So give that one up.

The CIA: Not likely the CIA while not having a good relationship with Kennedy and supposedly Kennedy wanted to get rid of the CIA it wouldn’t have been the best move. Why wouldn’t they have killed him? Well they could have easily destroyed his reputation without killing him an thus saving their jobs without the fear of incarceration. Furthermore Lyndon Johnson is also brought into this argument. Yes Johnson and Kennedy didn’t have the best relationship and the idea that Johnson used the CIA to get rid of Kennedy to become president himself does sound nice but it’s a little silly. Johnson could have easily used the CIA to ruin Kennedy’s reputation so badly he would be forced to resign and thus giving Johnson the presidency. So murder would have been an unnecessary step if not the worst way to go about taking the presidency. So why don’t we just forget about this one too.

The Soviets did it: Not really after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis it sounds like good old Cold War Conspiracy fun. However the truth is that Khrushchev thought that Kennedy was young, inexperienced and naive, hardly a threat worthy of causing an international incident. Plus Khrushchev had pissed off the high ranking party members in the politburo and the KGB and was about to get removed shortly anyway. So why would the KGB help him with something as silly as killing the leader of the other worlds superpower who currently had thousands of nukes pointed at their asses right before they removed him from power? I’ll give you a hint they wouldn’t.

Israel: Since “The Jews” are always part of these conspiracy theories you know it was going to come up. So Israel planned to kill an American president because of supposed sympathy with the Arabs and over a nuclear reactor. Um right, so Israel is going to kill the leader of one of the only countries in the world that supports their right to exist over vague ideas about how Kennedy might have felt about Arabs and the usual diplomatic problems associated with nuclear technology? Why does this sound like the rantings of a guy pissed off with Israel and trying to get back at them for arresting him for disclosing state secrets? Oh wait I know why because thats what is really going on. So shut up and go back to claiming “The Jews” eat Palestinian babies and use the Illuminati to control the world.

There was a second shooter on the grassy knoll: This might be true but Lee Harvey Oswald was still there to kill Kennedy but why?

So on to the payoff the real person behind the assassination of Kennedy. It was Joe DiMaggio. Why you ask would I accuse Joltin’ Joe of conspiring to kill JFK? Simply pure hatred for the man who was nailing his ex wife whom he was still very much in love with was trying to get back together with her. Who is this woman but the one and only Marilyn Monroe who may or may not have been off’d by the Kennedy’s on August 5, 1962 right before Joe was planning on asking her to remarry him. Think about it of all the crazy conspiracies out there over the death of JFK what makes the most sense. It’s one man angry over the treatment of the woman he loved killing another man that he believed was responsible for her dishonor and death. It’s not really hard to believe that DiMaggio angry and depressed over the death of his love – remember he sent roses to her grave several times a week for twenty years – would find some loose cannon with whom he could convince to murder a president for his hero the old The Yankee Clipper. Sounds crazy right? Not really if you think about it John Hinckley Jr. shot Reagan to impress Jodi Foster so it’s not like this kind of thing doesn’t happen. In fact Hinckley was originally planning on killing Jimmy Carter but after Reagan took office he switched targets.

DiMaggio and Monroe

DiMaggio and Monroe

DiMaggio was obsessed with Monroe and would do anything for her even kill and he had the least insane motive for the murder of JFK. So here is how it went down Setting aside the “Second Shooter” for a moment we will get on with how this happened. DiMaggio finds a mentally unstable guy and convinces him to kill Kennedy for him and boom Oswald in in the book depository on the morning of November 22 a little over a year after Monroe’s death. It’s all so simple right? Well not really we have a couple other loose ends we need tie up here. Was there a second shooter and why did Jack Ruby kill Oswald? Well lets take them together. If there was a second shooter this person might not have been to happy about Oswald getting caught by the police and wanted to get rid of him before he spilled the beans about DiMaggio’s involvement if not his own in the murder of the President. Oswald had to go. So we have Jack Ruby enter into this to take him out. There are different theories here if Jack Ruby was the second shooter he might think it is easier to use the some “I did it for JFK’s widow” excuse to get leniency in the murder of Oswald while hiding anything that would trace him to Kennedy’s murder since Oswald had less to loose by talking then say DiMaggio. Therefore the Second shooter is either DiMaggio with Ruby used as a pawn to get rid of Oswald before he talked or Ruby who wanted to get rid of Oswald before he implicated Ruby in the assassination. The Second one seems more likely since DiMaggio probably wanted to stay out of Dallas on the day he was getting people to murder his enemy and would have been too easy to recognize in a place swarming with the press and the police and FBI. It would have been better to have Ruby as the second shooter and not himself. Plus Ruby would have had less incentive to kill Oswald if he didn’t have some connection to the original assassination however he might have been another useful idiot willing to take a hit for his hero. Now if there was no second shooter it went down very much the same but then you have Oswald kills Kennedy for DiMaggio and Ruby kills Oswald to protect DiMaggio. It’s that simple.

Whether or not the Kennedy’s Killed Monroe is of no matter and I am not here to debate that theory. As long as DiMaggio was enraged over his love’s death and even suspected involvement of the Kennedy’s he had the motive for revenge. Plus even without him thinking that Monroe was murdered he still had motive. DiMaggio was obsessed with Monroe angry over her deteriorating mental state, her drug abuse and eventual death and angry with himself because he couldn’t save her. It is very easy for a man this distraught to find something to blame her death on. JFK turns into the best scapegoat for his anger and rage. The idea that this man the most prominent figure in the country was using the love of DiMaggio’s life as a toy for him, his brother and friends would be too much to take. The rage needs an outlet. Kennedy was that outlet, his death catharsis. Monroe’s honor restored by this one act. It’s simple psychology.

Now if we decide who had the best motive to kill Kennedy you only have two answers DiMaggio or of course Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis*. So lets go over why she is the only other aside from DiMaggio that has the best motive. Jackie O’ s motive is anger for Kennedy’s constant cheating on her simple as that. A woman’s scorn. Take out DiMaggio and Put in Jackie O’ in his place and you have it. Remember Ruby claimed to have killed Oswald to protect her. He Shot Oswald who in this scenario was obsessed with Onassis to keep him for spilling the beans on the Princess of Camelot. I doubt this scenario though because Onassis knew what she was getting into when she married Kennedy and while she might grow to resent him I don’t think it ever spilled over into hatred enough to murder her philandering husband. Plus on top of that it’s hard to believe that she would want to be sitting next to him while it happened, even if that is the perfect alibi it’s not likely that she would take that big a risk, or that if her conspirators are doing it out of obsession over her they would be able to pull the trigger when the potential to harm her as well was so high. Remember Hinckley shot Reagan not Foster.

In conclusion that leaves only DiMaggio as the most likely suspect. Now I know people are just going to say that this is another baseless conspiracy theory but it’s not. I have simply shown that it is the most likely theory in this case unless Oswald was really just some lunatic acting alone.

* I use Onassis here because although it wasn’t her last name until 1968 it is easier to use it when only referring to people by their last names.
** I use Wikipedia here as a quick reference so you have a starting point to do your own research not because they have all the correct information.



  1. I think it makes a lot of sense. I really never thought of it that way (or really cared). But if someone told me that was true I would believe it.

  2. God sees everything, doesn’t he?

    This is one small piece of proof that God talked to me:

    Like I said earlier, the Holy Spirit talked to me, besides his message about First is Last and Last is First, he had something to say about “Who Killed JFK”. Christ tells me that the man who shot JFK is a policeman. He also tells me the name of the shooter, but it is in a jumbled word. The word is “Fritters”. I see the name F. Ritter right off so I think that is the name of the killer. Now God has lots of other messages for me to figure out, so I put “who Killed JFK” on the back burner for over a year. A year or more later , just recently, I have more time to look for F. Ritter. I can’t find a policeman with that name who lived in Dallas, Texas in 1963. So I am searching for information about who killed JFK and there is a picture of a policeman by the name of J D Tippit. Now Tippit kind of looks like Ritter. Now I unjumble the letters of Ritter to get TIRRET. Now TIRRET looks more like TIPPIT. Now I make the R’s stand at attention, I get TIPPET. One problem is that the I and the E are not the same. So I do some research on the family name TIPPIT. Turns out that in the late 1800’s JD Tippit’s grandfather changed their name from Tippett to Tippit. So the next step I change the E to I. So Tippet is now Tippit.
    Now I have FS Tippit and JD Tippit. The first two initials are not the same. Next I go to Wikipedia, there I find; “Some thought that J D stood for “Jefferson Davis” however JD does not stand for anything”. That means his name is just J D. So the initials F S , do not stand for anything. I just have two initials that do not stand for anything. Are you following me?

    Next what does “FRITTERS” mean. If your following my thinking here, God is going to tell you what happened to JD Tippit after he was shot. Fritters are a dough that is deep fried. Bread also means body, like in the last super Christ takes the bread and says this is my body. Look in the dictionary, PIT means HELL. TIP means money paid, gratuity. There are other meanings to. These meanings tell a story.

    JD Tippits body (dough) is placed in the deep fryer (lake of fire). Now I think this clue (Fritters) was ingenius. After all God came up with it. I think he does have a sense of humor too. Kids now have a new game to play. They can play God. Pilsbury dough boy fry’s in the lake of fire. You get HELL! fry baby fry!

    If you think this is just crazy. Remember I am just the messenger. Jesus is the one that had to talk about JFK. So he had a reason for doing that. Only God knows who the killer is. This is proof that Christ talked to me and that is the reason he told me “Who killed JFK”. It is proof. I had forgotten about the case years ago. This is a cold case now, it been 45 years since the shooting.

    I also read the part about giving false prophesy. God says false prophets go to Hell or something like that. I only repeat what God told me. Now what I wrote above is from God. He told me who killed JFK in 2006. The above is not a lie or a joke and I am going to HEAVEN without fear.

    Before I forget. Gods messages usually have more than one meaning. F S could also stand for “Fence Shooter”.

    Who are the co-conspirators? Turns out that there are two policemen named Tippit, and one Tippett working in the Dallas police Department that same year(1963). Back to the clue word Fritters. That is plural, you know about plural. We have two fritters. The co-conspirators name is Gayle M. Tippit.

    Now the Dallas Police Departtment obviously covered up and framed Oswald. He was the Patsy. They did it cause it is very possible that one of the other police officers rushing to the scene saw Tippet fleeing the scene carrying a rifle. They covered it up because of the embarrassment of one of their own was the man that killed JFK? And the Warren commission must have also figured that out so they stuck with the Dallas Dept. story saying that it was Oswald. It could have been a National embarrassment. Now if you look at the evidence like I did. It is easy to see that the DAllas Police Dept tampered with the evidence over and over again. And they did a very bad job of it too.

    Now this is my opinion, not Gods. I think God is behind the creation of the Internet. I could never have been able to figure out a lot of his messages without the use of the Internet. People on the Net have been a big help to me. God talks to other people too, they just don’t know it. God let me know it was him.

    Now I just made solving the case of “Who shot JFK?”, look easy. I also gave you proof here. Did you see it? You ask where’s the proof. The proof is that it is impossible for anyone to repeat what I just did above. I mean try it. And I do that over and over again in all of God’s messages.
    See if you can make up a word that is a fried food (like fritters). Unjumble the letters to reveal the name of the killer (Tippit). Then divide the word Tippit into words that describe what happened. Tip- means that JD Tippit was paid for the job and the presidency was over turned. Pit – means that he went to Hell for what he did. Pit means the worst Hell.

    See if you can prove me wrong. Show me how easy it is to make up a name like “Fritters” that solves the crime. This clue is ingenious. God came up with the name “FRITTERS”. God is a genius, not me. I am only the messenger.

    Then the two remaining letters F. S. stands for Fence Shooter. It’s INGENIUS!

    Then on top of that it just so happens that there are two Tippit’s working in the Dallas Police Department in 1963. Fritters (plural) means we have more than one Fritter going in the deep fryer . The other shooter is Gayle M. Tippit. He goes to Hell too. Now I did some research on Gayle M Tippit. There is very little information on him unlike JD Tippit. In my search I found two Gayle Tippit’s still in Dallas. One died in 1967 and the other is married and still lives in Texas. So the other conspirator could still be alive and has managed to avoid detection.

    This is where it gets intesting. Does Gayle M. Tippit come forward and ask God to forgive him? I think he also has to ask the American people to forgive him for his part in the murder of the president or he gets the worst Hell just like JD did. God told me that waiting until the 11th hour is too late. God is forgiving, but you can’t wait until your on your death bed to ask to be forgiven.

    Now if Gayle M. Tippit wants to save himself from the deep fryer. (This could be a long fry, not a quick dip.) He has to come forward and ask to be forgiven. He still gets death or Hell but it won’t be the worst Hell. Just like the worst death is being crucified.

    Gods Messenger, Mel

    That’s right God told me “Who Killed JFK”.

  3. The real question now is “Who shot JD Tippit?”

  4. That one is easy. Charles H. Barris killed JD Tippit unless you go by the official reports that say it was Oswald .

    I do have a question fr you. If you can talk to God why don’t you ask him more important questions then about JFK? If it was me talking to God I would ask him for tomorrows lottery numbers, why Mariah Carey was ever allowed to make an album or why anyone would want to listen to that shrieking banshee? Why Sean Penn is allowed to live? Why fucking hell would anyone be dumb enough to think Muhammad was a prophet and not just some crazy bloodthirsty pedophile? These are the questions I would ask God and if you get the chance can you do that for me?

  5. To: letterstodayingdream,

    To answer your questions. God talks and I have to listen. He does not answer questions. Any yes I did ask him about tomorrows lottery numbers. God does know about tomorrow. He didn’t come across with the numbers. I thought since I was writting stuff down he said he would pay me. So far I am working for free. I don’t care about Mariah or Sean Penn, God had nothing to say about them. Maybe he doesn’t care for them either. And Yes Muhammed is a pedophile but we don’t want to piss off the Arabs anymore than they are already pissed off because of Jihad. I don’t want to have to convert to Jihad(Islam) or die.

    I hope that answers your questions. Like I said God does not answer questions. I have to listen cause he follows me everywhere. I can’t get away from him. It’s annoying.

    Gods messenger, Mel

    Now, who is Charles H. Barris? I will google it to find out.

  6. It might be better to look up Chuck Barris since that’s the name people know him by.

    If God doesn’t pay you, you should work for Vishnu I get 25$ an hour plus medical and dental insurance. Buddha tried to pay me in enlightenment or something but I wasn’t having that.

  7. Your good . Your just as witty as God. Or almost as. And yes I will quit my God job and work for Vishnu if the money is good. There is only one problem is the pay $25 dollars an hour or 25 cents an hour. I am just wondering why cause your $ signs is in the cents place.

    When should I tell God I quit? I got a better gig.

  8. It’s 25 dollars an hours sorry about the misunderstanding. Just do what I did and tell God “It’s not you, it’s me” that works out well, sure he cried a little at first but eventually he will find someone else to make him happy and move on.

  9. I just found another site on “Who Killed JFK?”. He has pictures to prove that it was Jed Clampett. Funny as that is, if you take the E out of Jed, you get JD. Then replace Clam with Tip, you get Tippett. Pulling the two words together you get JD Tippett.

    So he was kind of close to the answer of who the shooter was. This isn’t as good as Gods clues, but he was some what close to the answer. I mean he had 6 letters right. Plus they were in the right order, J is the first correct letter. D is the next correct letter, P is the sixth correct letter, etc.

    Since Vishnu does not exist. I will have to keep my night job. I almost told God to take this job and shove it.

    Still Gods messenger, Mel

  10. If Vishnu doesn’t exist who the fuck is using my shower?

    Jed Clampett was the guy that killed Bob Crane. That other site is full of crap.

  11. One thing I missed in the clue word “fritters” is that I also get the word tirret out of it. Tirret looks and sounds like Turret. This word has some meaning in what happened that day. Turret is an elevated place where a soldier shoots from. Besides the Fence shooter where JD was my thinking is that there is a spot on the bridge where the second shooter would me. My thinking is that would be the best position to get a good shot from. Since the President is moving straight towards you from this position it would be easilier to aim and would give you more time to aim. A soldier or a policeman would know that.

    I am going to search for picture of the bridge to see if I can see anything that looks like a turret.

    Bob Crane rings a bell but i can’t place him. What TV show was he in?

  12. I can’t believe how easy that was to find a picture of Dealy Plaza. I was going to look at the bridge but there was a tower there. A guard tower is also a turret. It is the second picture on the top on this website –

    It says a worker was in this tower that day. Now I just have to find the name of that worker. See, just a few clues from God and solving “Who Shot the President ” easy.

  13. Bob Crane played Hogan in Hogans Heroes.

    I don’t need clues on who shot JFK it was Joe DiMaggio I already proved that.

    Oh and Vishnu is pissed that you said he didn’t exist and would like an apology.

  14. Wasn’t Joe selling coffee on TV commercials? I mean a lot of us get our hearts broken in relationships that just don’t work out. Most of us don’t go out and kill the other guy. Even if it is the president. Joe didn’t have that kind of pull. I just don’t see Joe going out and plotting to kill the president.

    Now the coverup obviously came within the Dallas Police Department. You would really have to be stupid not to see that. They tampered with the evidence over and over again. Example, they claim that Oswald lost his wallet at the Tippit murder scene. But the wallet was not found at the Dallas Police Department. I mean where is the wallet? Now if the Dallas Police Department lost the wallet, that is really sloppy police work. The wallet has to be somewhere. Where is it? The cops made that up to implicate Oswald. Oswald said he was the Patsy. He was the patsy. The point is that Oswald still had his wallet at the Theater.

    Then why would someone that just killed the president go to a theater to see a movie? Most of us if we just killed someone would go and have a drink, or take a drive. Oswald needs intertainment because he is board. How can you possibly be board after shooting the president?

    The government says Oswald shoots the president, goes home briefly. Walks down a street to shoot a policeman. Then goes back downtown to see a movie at the Ford Theater. Now I have read a lot of stuff, but no one has posted what was playing at the theater that day. What was the movie that Oswald was watching?

    I don’t think he was watching Hogans Heroes. What was the movie?

    The point that God is making here is about Corruption. The routes of Corruption in the Government go deep. The Warren commission did such a sloppy job. Fear kept people that were looking for the truth go away. Even the people in the Warren commission either didn’t care or were afraid to go for the thruth. The Dallas police dept drove investigators out of town. People were threathen and driven out of town. Lots of people were shot or killed. It was a cop that killed the president and he worked at the Dallas Police Department. There were two cops that worked at the Dallas police Department that were holding guns aiming at the president at the Dealey Plaza back in 1963.

    Now it is not important that these people go to jail for what they did. God is going to pass Judgment on these people. Now if these people were aware that God saw what they did? Would they have done what they did?
    There is more than 2 cops involved here. JD was paid. Paid by who? Now JD never got paid cause he was shot for what he knew and did on that day. JD knew to much. LIke the saying goes “If I tell you I would have to kill you”. Then the standard way of doing business for the mob is, you hire a shooter, then you kill the shooter.

    The fact that JD Tippit was shot so soon after the killing the president means that he didn’t have time to tell anyone what he did. Silence was insured.

    Now if you check on the whereabouts of JD on that day he was really busy. HIs co-worker says that they were at a resturant together. His wife says at about the same time he came home for lunch. Then others state he was parked at a gas station watching traffic. Then he was also parked on a street on his beat where he was shot and killed. Oh, he also made a phone call at public place. Just before people say he was with them he was shooting the President. That is a busy morning. I don’t have time to do all of that before 1 pm.

    Why would Oswald walk up to a Cop sitting in his car and shoot him? How stupid does our government/Dallas police department think we are? For the most part we are stupid? WE have been taught to trust the police. What the police have been doing for years is arresting and shooting innocent people. Now most of us think if the police arrest someone is because they must have done something. Your wrong. And the fact that most people allow this to happen is because they are afraid to stand up or they just don’t care because it is someone else’s problem and not theirs.

    After saying all of that. I also have information that says that JD Tippit was damned to Hell by God at birth. It was his destiny to shoot the president. Now I didn’t think that was right of God for doing that. God has written JD’s future before he was born. The only reason for God doing that must be I think is for something his father, grandfather did. JD was damned to Hell for something really bad a grandfather did. Now I looked at his geneology. There was money lost and children died for unexplained reasons. Then there is a lot we don’t know about his family. The family’s good name Tippett was changed to the bad name Tippit. They changed their name. JD wasn’t even given a name. His name was two letters J D. Most people couldn’t believe he didn’t even have a name. His own parents couldn’t even give him a real name. They named him JD. What kind of people would do that? They can’t even give the boy a name.

    That is why JD was eager to take money to shoot a great man. He needed money. HIs parents couldn’t even give him a name. Some stranger was going to make him rich. All he had to do was pull the trigger.

  15. Oswald was watching the film “War Is Hell” before he was dragged away by the cops, and Hogan’s Heroes was a TV show that didn’t start till September 1965 well after Oswald was gone.

    Why does God not tell you the motive for the assassination? You mention a mob style hit but fail to explain why the mob wanted the president dead, while I have already explained why the mob wouldn’t bother to take him out. So if it was really JD Tippit that shot Kennedy for money who was it that paid him to do it and why?

    Another thing is you forget the woman was Marilyn Monroe, not just any old slag off the Jersey Turnpike. Men will do a lot of stupid things for woman, especially pretty woman. If you don’t belive me just think about this one word “marriage”.

  16. God gives the clue “Tip”, that means the shooter was paid. The motive for the assassination was for money. Now I say it was a mob style hit but I have no idea if the mob was involved.

    AS for who paid JD Tippit to shoot Kennedy, I still don’t know the answer to that question yet. However Gayle Marshall Tippit, co-conspirator, is now 97 years old and still lives in Dallas. The reason why he was so easy to find is that he has an unusual name. His wife is still alive too. Now the authorities could take him down town and ask him a few questions. You know the drill, small room, bright lights, ask the same question over and over again until he cracks. Leave him in the room for hours and hours. No TV, radio, just him and the walls. Then tell him about what God is going to do to him. What the criminal justice system is going to do to him is nothing compared to what God has waiting for him.

    I think it is pretty clear that the Dallas Police Department was in on the cover up. That doesn’t mean that all the cops in the dept there were bad. It does mean that higher ups in the dept were involved. That would be the Captain and who ever is above him.

    Now Dallas is not the only corrupt city in the United States. What I understand is that Chicago tops the list. And that is where you know who is from.

    Another thing that I find interesting is that Gayle Marshall Tippit is also listed as dead in 1967 on a site of cops that have died. Did he fake his death and then reamerge thinking people had forgotten about the case? Again he was easy to find because he of his unusual name. If so who is in the Tippit grave?

  17. OK, but why was Kennedy killed and who was the one behind it?

  18. I don’t know all the answers to why Kennedy was killed. I only know who the killer was at this point. JD Tippit fired the fatal shot. Others fired too but JD hit the mark.

    Now I have a question? Are you in Australia? Cause my clock says Jan 21, wed and your post is on Jan 22, thur. Your a day ahead of me.

  19. No I think this blog is registered out of Antarctica. I think anyway I don’t remember what I set it as.

    See here is the problem with the whole thing while you claim the JD killed Kennedy for money and the Dallas police helped cover it up, it doesn’t add up. Why would someone pay JD to kill Kennedy and then why would the Dallas police cover it up? Granted I know you claim the covered it up so it didn’t look like one of theirs but wouldn’t they have more to lose by covering it up then admitting it was JD and throwing him under the bus? Plus if they didn’t cover it up just for that reason we are still left without a motive for why the Dallas police wanted Kennedy dead.

  20. I can only think of a few reasons why the Dallas Police Dept would cover it up. They are:

    1) The National embarrassment that it was one of their own that killed the President. The Warren commission may have agreed that it would be a National embarrassment and stuck with the Oswald did it story.
    2) Pressure from other Government agencies to find the killer now. As soon as possible. The American public needs to know who was behind this. If the Dallas police can’t solve the crime that would mean they are inadequate.
    3) The plot to kill the president came from within the Dallas Police Dept. Cops were paid off.

    Remember JD Tippit’s widow received 600,000 after his death. So having JD dead was the best thing that ever happened to her. (I am not saying the widow had him killed, it just worked out good for her.) Plus JD was given hero status. JD , the man that shot the president, has national hero status. That is an insult to all of us. It is an insult to the American people who believe in freedom and Justice for all. It is an insult to all of us that are honest and work hard for the little that we earn. It is an insult to all of us that believe our government tells us the truth. We have been lied to. It tears apart everything we believe it. It tears part everything that this country was founded on. The foundation of a Nation is now built on corruption. I don’t think Oswalds widow got anything. That is not justice. It’s not even fair either.
    I would compare this insult to saying that Mary the Mother of God is a Whore. Catholics are not going to like that. Americans are not going to like what their country has turned into. Politicans have become greedy corrupt liars. The nation is sick and ill.

    As for a motive for killing the President? I have not done enough research to determine who would have a motive. What I did do was unjumble the word “fritters” to find the name of the killer and that took a lot of looking on JFK web sites. Plus I had other work to do besides and other clues to solve. So I have done my share of work up to this point. I am not good at jumbled words, scrabel, crosswords, spelling etc. Now the word “fritters has multipule meanings. If you have a list of people with a motive and their name is in the word fritters, you could be on to something.

    I keep thinking that LBJ could have a motive. But I don’t have any proof to connect him to it. LBJ was from Texas and he would be in the circle of corruption. If he was in that circle of people. Now when LBJ got into office he was the most on vacation president in history. He also died shortly after his term. There seems to be a pattern of wittnesses and other people that were involved in the crime to die shortly after the assiassination. Some of these people were murdered. I also think that God came and took like a theif some that were involved in the crime. That means NO ONE benefited from the death of the President besides the widow. .

  21. Just out of curiosity I just did some research on LBJ a minute ago. Coincidentily today is the anniversary of his death. He died 36 years ago today.

    Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the thirty-sixth President of the United States (1963–1969) and thirty-seventh Vice President of the United States (1961–1963).

  22. “Those SOB’s” would never embarrass me again.”
    I just found this bit of information on another site:

    The night before the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson met with Dallas tycoons, FBI moguls and organized crime kingpins – emerging from the conference to tell his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown that “those SOB’s” would never embarrass him again. It’s a jaw-dropping deposition and it’s the biggest JFK smoking gun there is – despite the fact that it has received little media attention.

    Before her death on June 22 2002, prolific author and lecturer Robert Gaylon Ross had the opportunity to conduct an 80 minute sit-down interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown and from that lengthy discussion the truth about exactly who was behind the assassination of JFK was exposed.

    Johnson is referring to the Kennedy’s as the SOB’s. Another coincidence is that his girl friend also dies on the 22nd day of the month. Today is also the 22nd day of the month.

  23. It’s a well known fact that Johnson and Kennedy couldn’t stand each other, but Johns could have easily ruined Kennedy’s reputation so bad and force him to resign he didn’t need to kill him. The CIA and FBI could have done the same thing no reason to kill him.

    Stop looking at coincidences like dates you might as well be trying to read tea leaves.

  24. Kennedy also died on Nov. 22, another coincidence. I found E. Howard Hunt’s death bed confession. It was recorded so you can listen to it.

    JFK Murder Plot “Deathbed Confession” Aired On National Radio
    Former CIA agent, Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy .

    The “deathbed confession” audio tape in which former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt admits he was approached to be part of a CIA assassination team to kill JFK was aired this weekend – an astounding development that has gone completely ignored by the establishment media.

    Saint John Hunt, son of E. Howard Hunt, appeared on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio show on Saturday night to discuss the revelations contained in the tape.

    Hunt said that his father had mailed the cassette tape to him alone in January 2004 and asked that it be released after his death. The tape was originally 20 minutes long but was edited down to four and a half minutes for the Coast to Coast broadcast. Hunt promises that the whole tape will be uploaded soon at his website .

    Click here to listen to a clip of the tape.

    E. Howard Hunt names numerous individuals with both direct and indirect CIA connections as having played a role in the assassination of Kennedy, while describing himself as a “bench warmer” in the plot. Saint John Hunt agreed that the use of this term indicates that Hunt was willing to play a larger role in the murder conspiracy had he been required.

    Hunt alleges on the tape that then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in the planning of the assassination and in the cover-up, stating that LBJ, “Had an almost maniacal urge to become president, he regarded JFK as an obstacle to achieving that.”

    Now I would believe what someone says on their death bed. This is also the time when we ask God to forgive us. So I think this is credible. Now Hunt made this recording before he died so God may forgive him for his part. Coincidently LBJ is from Texas, that is the same state where JFK was assassinated.

    Yes, I think the conpiracy went all the way back to LBJ. What do you think?

  25. I don’t buy it. I bet the tape is a fake to throw people off the scent of what really happened. Plus like I said the CIA and LBJ could have destroyed Kennedy without murder and with a lot less risk so it wouldn’t make sense why they would murder him instead of leak all his dirty secrets and Kennedy had a lot of them.

    Also can you really trust the one of the guys from the Watergate break in and was in charge of disinformation for the CIA?

  26. I like your style. A true disbeliever no matter what. We should all put doubt first. Some people buy every thing. Some people think if it is in print is must be true. I used to think if it was in the news paper it had to be true. That is not the case, is it.

    Now I disagree that the CIA or LBJ could take Kennedy out of office without shooting him. The American people loved Kennedy. This is before my time, but my father loved Kennedy. Now if someone shot Nixon most people could care less. It might not even been news worthy. People just hated Nixon. People would not have maked the day. Everyone knows where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot just as they did on 911. Now God says that Kennedy was a great president. He wasn’t the greatest, Lincoln was the greatest. Kennedy is the fifth greatest president according to God.

    No, you can’t trust one of the guys from Watergate, but it was on his death bed. I think even evil people come clean on their death bed. After you die the next thing that happens is that your facing God. God is going to pass judgment on you. By the way Judgment day falls on the 22nd day of the month. God did not say what year that is. Coincidence? Catch 22. Whatever that means?

    Now even some one as evil as Leona Helmsley asked God to forgive her on her death bed. So I think some one as evil as Howard Hunt would be asking Gods forgiveness too. Howard confesses to the American people, he made a tape and tells all. He is looking for forgiveness. The fact that is does not make national news makes me think that the government is in control of the news. I would think that this is a news worthy event. The Government is going to say that is was Oswald no matter what the evidence says. That is their stand no matter what.

    There is one piece of evidence besides what God told that me lets me know I am right. One cops says that he found Oswalds wallet at the Tippit murder scene. But the Dallas dept can not produce Oswalds wallet. Now if you found a wallet where is it. Are cops that stupid they just lose evidence. This is important evidence. Now I am not that smart either but everything I find, and I find lots of stuff, is still in my possession. I find a lot of stuff that is not important but I don’t lose it on the way home or on my way back to the station.

    The fact that a cop says he finds a wallet and can not produce it makes him a liar. That cop is a liar. That’s a cover up. Wheres the wallet. Then why would Oswald take his wallet out of his pocket and leave it at the murder scene. Most guys take their wallet out to get money out and then they put it right back in their pocket. Guys rarely lose a wallet.

  27. You never trust the press remember Walter Duranty – who worked for the New York Times – won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the Soviet Union that was almost entirely lies and propaganda for the Soviets. The best thing about this is even after it came out not only has the Pulitzer Prize not been revoked but the New York Times still proudly displays it on their walls. And that’s why you don’t trust the press.

    Yes the public did love Kennedy but they didn’t know that he had people rig the vote, he was addicted to pain pills or the fact that he was nailing any woman in reach. The public also loved Jackie O’ they would not of liked finding out John was cheating on her (this was in the 60’s before the Clintons where people stopped caring about that kind of thing). The CIA didn’t need to waste him public opinion would have been enough at the time to destroy him. The only reason Ted Kennedy is still in Congress is the fact that Massholes love the Kennedys so much they don’t care that he killed a girl, but it did fuck up any chance he had of becoming President because the rest of the county does (at least to a point).

  28. Just for the hell of it I did some research on E. Howard Hunt just now. Note that he died on January 23, today is also January 23. Howard died exactly 2 years ago to this date.

    Everette Howard Hunt, Jr. (October 9, 1918 – January 23, 2007) was an American author and spy. He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and later the White House under President Richard Nixon. Hunt, with G. Gordon Liddy and others, was one of the White House’s “plumbers” — a secret team of operatives charged with fixing “leaks.” Information disclosures had proved an embarrassment to the Nixon administration when defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg sent a series of documents, which came to be known as the Pentagon Papers, to The New York Times.

    Now I kind of know how God works, so this is a clue I am on the right track. I still don’t have proof that it was LBJ yet.

  29. I think you have way to much time on your hands. Dates don’t mean anything they are like reading tea leaves I have said this before you have to look for the motive. Nothing happens for fun everything has a reason when you find the reason then you find the killer it does not work the other way.

  30. kennedy was killed by a plot that involved the cia.dimaggio though a great baseball player did not have the power to make all the so called co-incidents happen. ie.changing the parade route, witnesses mysteriously dying and phone lines crashing for an hour after the assasination.i agree that dallas police were most likely involved but at a lower level.the shooters were professionals as to make sure that kennedy did not get out alive.the police would have been involved in the lowest levels mainly on the groung in dallas.think of how many police cars turned up to get oswald when the police were rang about a man entering the cinemas without purchasing a say that the cia could have disgraced kennedy is also far fetched espeacially considering that kennedy would have ended the role of the cia if re elected and started the withdrawl of troops from vietnam.they were the ones with the most to loose if kennedy was re elected and the could not afford to risk that on a smear campaign.there was to much at stake and they could not allow him to be re elected .by the way the name of the person working in the tower in dallas the day of the assasination was lee bowers who accidently died in a single car accident on a lonely road just before he was about to testify before the warren commision.joe dimaggio could not make that happen

  31. To Craig, Thank you for the information on Lee Bowers. I then did some research on him and found his testimony. Lee says he saw a man drive into the parking lot behind the Book Depository nd park. Then he hears 3 shots. Lee saw the shooter driving an unmarked car talking on a CB (police radio).

    “The Badgeman” – Moorman takes a photo the very instant Kennedy is shot. In a blow up of this photo you can see the “BADGEMAN”. The following is information on the Badgeman that I fould on wikipedia:

    On 22 November 1963, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

    Moorman was standing on grass about 2 feet (61 cm) south of the south curb of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, directly across from the grassy knoll and the North Pergola concrete structure that Abraham Zapruder and his assistant Marilyn Sitzman were standing on, during the assassination. They are seen standing on the pergola in the Moorman photograph, with the presidentally limosine already having passed through the line of sight between Zapruder and Moorman.

    Moorman was standing only 20 feet (6 m) behind and to the left of President Kennedy with her friend, Jean Hill, and they are clearly seen in many frames of the Zapruder film.

    Between Zapruder film frames Z-315 and 316, approximately 1/6th second after President Kennedy’s head was shattered at frame Z-313, Moorman took a Polaroid photograph (her fifth that day) of the presidential limousine and President Kennedy that also includes the grassy knoll area.

    Now I disagree that the picture was taken 1/6th of a second after the presidents head was shattered, because you can clearly see the muzzle fire in the picture. The picture was taken the very instant JD Tippit fired the gun. I believe the picture of the Bagdeman is JD Tippit.

  32. On this site –
    You can see a reasonably good picture of the Badgeman. The owner of this site also agrees that the Badgeman is JD TIPPIT. The hair line in the picture of the badgeman is exactly the same as JD Tippit. One thing I don’t see is JD in the same picture of the Tramps that were arrested.

  33. Another point is that in Lee Bowers testimony he states that he heard 3 shots. Moorman who is only 20 feet from the president says she heard 3 shots. The people in the presidents car say they heard 3 shots. Now the Warren commission, none of who were there, write in their investigation that one shot was fired. Now I see that as proof that the conspiracy went all the way back to LBJ. Now LBJ created the Warren commissioned and they wrote in their findings exactly what he told them to say. When you start lying to the public your going to get tripped up.

    How do you conclude that only 1 shot was fired when all of the wittnesses say they heard 3 shots? Someones a liar!

  34. There seems to be another film of the shooting that was not handed over to the authorities during the investigation. I saw the film on another site. I thought it was the Zapruder film. Now that I see where Zapruder was standing on the grass in the Moorman photo, I can seel it wasn’t the Zapruder film. I can understand why this person didn’t come foward with the film back in 1963 since a number of witness’ where murdered. It could also have been someone that just didn’t trust the cops so they stayed quiet all of these years. On yet another site I read there was another film besides the Zapruder film. At first I thought no there isn’t, there couldnt be another film. Then I realized that I did see it and didn’t know what I was watching. In this other film you could see a flash of light from the gun muzzzle behind the wall. You could also see movement behind the wall. Looked liike as soon as JD fired the shot he got out of there. The person that took this film was on the same side of the road as Moorman but not as close to the presidents car as she was. Watching the film gave me the creeps. It was like Satan himself was behind all of this. It was pure evil.

    Since most of the people involved in the conspiracy are dying off and going to hell, some other pictures taken that day may surface. It is going to be interesting to see what surfaces.

  35. He probably hired Pepitone to do the job.

  36. you are the dumbest person in america! You probably dont even know what the word conspiracy means. Ever heard of operation northwoods? Gladio? Mongoose? Oswalds Cia file? yep, your a dipshit.

  37. First off I live in Japan so you would want to call me the dumbest person in Japan. Second this is a fucking joke. A giant fucking joke. So congratulations you are the dumbest person in whatever country you live in since you apparently couldn’t figure that one out. Now you can say the joke isn’t funny but to not even be able to figure out that this is a joke and not a serious expose of the Kennedy assassination either takes a large amount of willful stupidity or centuries of inbreeding.

    I really want to make fun of you for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes while calling someone stupid but I do it too much myself to go there. This time…

  38. I disagree with John here, I think this page is a masterpiece. John Vacanti who blogged above just doesn’t get it. However Vacanti is an interesting last name, similar to the word “i Vacant”, if you put the (i) first. Merriam Webster says that the word “vacant” means: 1: not occupied 2: empty 3: devoid of thought.

    Wonder if he comes from a long line of “Vacant” people?

  39. I have believed this for a long time. Joe loved Marilyn and hated her abuse at the hands of the Kennedys ( who never were what we were told they were!)

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