Saturday night Skinny Puppy… Some things just need to happen!



  1. Habusaki is really the wross drink ever.

  2. Wrong post holmes, you wanted one post up. You might have had one too many as well.

    I do have to say that you are wrong and it is Rum that is the worst drink ever but Habusaki is the second.

  3. Yeah I was a little tipped back that night. I disagree Habusaki has Rum beat by a mile.

    The first time I had some I was actually in Okinawa (where Habusaki orgrinated from). As fast as it went down it came right back out.

    You can mix Rum in coke you can’t mix Habusaki with anything.

  4. See I would have to disagree you can’t “fix” rum but you can at least use habusaki for amusement by duping other people into drinking it.

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