I might have a reason to watch the Olympics… Might…

Other then the hilarity of the press who thought they would actually have freedom of the press while in China. The smog, pollution and other fun of living in a country who’s ideas of human rights is rolling over humans with tanks.

There is some hope or goodness.

First is that Iraq is now going to be able to participate and that is a good thing for a country trying to pull itself together.

The second is this story:

Sudanese ‘lost boy’ finds joy on US Olympic track team.

Here are some highlights:

“Seventeen years ago, when Lomong was 6, Sudanese rebels snatched him from a church. His parents presumed their second son was dead until they were reunited in December…

“They wanted all the kids to go out with them,” he recalled. “They grabbed me from my family. They put us in a truck, about 50 of us, and we just drove. We didn’t know where we were going.”

They were going to the soldiers’ camp where in time the youngsters, like so many other “lost boys of Sudan,” would be transformed into the child soldiers who were so prevalent in Sudan’s brutal civil war….

“A lot of people here don’t know what was going on in Sudan,” he said. “All I worry about is the kids who are dying, especially in Darfur. They don’t have the dream that they could be athletes or Olympians or doctors … They’re just trying to stay alive.”

Well anyway he was able to get adopted by a family and move to America where he started running in High School and later College and now he gets to achieve his dream of going to the Olympics.

Here is what he has to say about it:

“I’m just like any American now, with my rights,” he said. “I can compete for the country I want to compete for. Now, I’m not like one of the lost boys (the Sudanese youngsters who were displaced and often orphaned). I’m an American.”

Well it’s not all bad news some days


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