punk rock and politics

To paraphrase Nitsche:

Punk is Dead we have killed it you and I.

People want to fight about what is or isn’t “punk”, well fuck all ya bastards you don’t know shit. Look Politics in punk is perfectly OK and there is nothing wrong with it but if you are going to say something isn’t punk because of the politics the certain person believes in then you are a moron. Punk is an attitude yes as well as a style of music. Punk is about the idea that you can be what you want to be and believe what you want to just as much as it is about the middle finger, cheep beer and your stupid haircut. Yes a lot of punk bands spout off standard progressive dogma and that’s their choice but don’t get all pissy with me if I don’t believe in that shit. I don’t understand how some people can have an anarchy sign on their t-shirt and then spout off political talking points for an ideology that is all about control. Yes Progressives are socialists they might not want to admit it but it is just warmed over and mildly watered down Marxism. If you don’t believe me you are either severely deluded or have no clue. To me many of the progressive ideals are the complete opposite of what punk was about. Self reliance, doing you own thing, non-conformity. When it all comes down to it most progressives while they talk about these things they don’t follow them. Yeah you can dress however you want and love who you want but if your beliefs don’t conform to what we think you should believe then we hate you. Yes question authority unless I tell you not to. It’s hypocritical. You talk about tolerance but then get angry if someone disagrees with your beliefs. Fuck you! I’m mostly a libertarian, or classical liberal (before it started to be called conservative). I don’t like government but I’m not an anarchist since that comes off as unreasonable if you know anything about human nature. I know that government is an evil but a necessary evil and should therefor be kept to a minimum and severely limited in powers in order to allow for the largest amount of personal freedom possible. Wasn’t personal freedom and self expression what punk was about or am I missing something? Maybe I’m not really “punk” and maybe I just don’t feel the need to give a fuck about your opinions about me.

Punk doesn’t even have to be political. It really doesn’t. Punk in itself has nothing to do with politics, it is fucking music you assholes! The idea was to do what you want and if you have political ideas feel free to share them if you want to write songs about life, love, beer, hate, humor or lighting yourself on fire it’s all good. That was the point. You know why Bad Religion sucks now? It’s because after the first couple albums all their songs have been the same old shit over and over again while they watered down the music. It’s like rap music the same fucking song over and over. OK we get it pick another topic already. It’s just that Bad Religion has finally figured out how to live up to their song “Empty Causes” so at least in that respect good for them.  I’m proud of you guys.

Are your selling out when you get a job and grow up? No you are not. While I do like a girl with purple hair and all, sooner or later you need to realize that you need to do something with your life otherwise you are just a leaching off of society. It’s your life you have the freedom to do what you want with it but if you expect someone else to pick up the tab for you you’re nothing but a piece of shit leach. What part of living you own life how you want to gives you the right to make other people pay for it? When you do that you are a hypocrite. I want to be who I want to be and live my life how I want, and now you want to force me to do something I don’t want to do, and that would be taking care or your sorry ass. That’s not freedom, that is slavery. You demand your own freedom at the price of anothers and that is bullshit.

Yeah fuck society have fun with that. You people want to act like you are fighting the system like the old hippie assholes are still “doing”. You are the system you shit heads, you just want to sound all cool by pretending you aren’t just like the douchebag cunt from the Indie rock scene.

Really life isn’t perfect and you need to grow up and deal with it. If you don’t like what happens in society  then do something constructive to fix it or yourself and if you can’t maybe you just suck. Part of being an adult is learning how to live life and know what battles you really should be fighting. Dressing up in your costumes, not showering, starting riots, trying to shout out opposing views and throwing rocks at cops isn’t going to make the world a better place. It’s just going to make it worse. Look it’s just music if you are getting all of your political talking points from some bands songs rather then from studying and learning about the issues what does that say about your own psychological development?

Oh yeah one more thing:

Fuck you!!!



  1. OI!

  2. Oi!

  3. “I don’t like government but I’m not an anarchist since that is unreasonable if you know anything about human nature. I know that government is a necessary evil and should therefor be kept to a minimum and severely limited in powers in order to allow for the largest amount of personal freedom possible.” – I have stood on that soap box and screamed to my friends for years. Sometimes I feel as if I’m not getting through.

    The thing is assholes like that bitch all day and night how government and society is fucked up, but they never do anything to try and change it. That’s like a fat person complaining about being fat, but never exercising and eating Burger King all day. You know what I say to that? “Shut the fuck UP!”

    oh yeah and


  4. Some people just want to be 14 for all eternity so they replace mommy and daddy with the State.

  5. lol sprout this bullshit on profane existance

  6. Many Valid points, all tho your giving all punks a stereotype now. or should i say neew age punks? Sure iv come across alot of asshole that your talking about, and hell i was one of those assholes for a few years, until i realized i was fitting a mold and thats not what its about. Im and anarchist because the thought of it warms my hear and makes me happy, but im a realist so i know that with 6+billion assholes brainwashed into there little box, too scared to poke out there head insure everyday that anarchy will never happen.
    And i know a ton of punks that dont give a fuck about the world or its status, just wanna party and live. Fuck i know some punks that dont even care about punk music there so fuckin punk haha. I dont bash other peoples ideas, i just hold mine true to myself.
    If you just bash people instead of teaching them, you become one of thoes close minded hate what i dont agree with kind of guys.
    Punk will always be around forever changing because there will always be pissed off kids needing somewhere to turn sans judgment! Punk is a place for the rejected and the dont give a fucks, the scean is for everyone! (except nazis)
    There no reason you shouldnt be able to grow up and fit in with blue hair or whatever as you say. If its you and what makes you happy and you conform to your job, thats your own prerogative, but it doesnt mean that people who arent willing to give up who they are for a certain position doesnt make you better or more mature then anyone else, in fact makes you weaker. Shaving off our mohawk taking out peircings whatever, its just the easy way, and when you do it you show the people who told oyu it was ugly and restarted they were right. NOW JOB IS HINDERED BY COLORED HAIR TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS! Dont start bashing people that choose to keep there stupid hair and whatnot like you said. I know many that work around it and in fact are much happier because they find careers that they love rather then fitting into there stupid little box.

    SO while theres many people who fall into what you were saying theres also many that dont, shame you never know any of them i guess…

    so fuckin oi!

  7. Yes some people can still get a decent job they love and keep the blue hair and mohawk but most of us can’t. If you can good for you if you can’t you can’t my point isn’t you have to get rid of it all but you might and it’s not selling out. You can’t have nail polish on when you are in surgery and there is a reason you can’t have ear piercings in when you are working on an F-18, hell you can’t even wear your wedding ring. We all have to do things we don’t want to do to live and you make the choice of what you will or will not sacrifice to do so.

    I was yelling about certain types of people in the punk scene that irritate the fuck out of me not every punk that ever existed. I know people you know people we all know people.

  8. i felt i was the only one who saw the rancid shit both sides spewed and thank fuck people can see through the bullshit.

  9. More people than you think can see through the bullshit but somedays I don’t know if it is enough.

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