Join us in protesting this travesty and instead fight to  honor the heroic dead that fought off the jihadis on that flight and saved the Capital building and/or the White House. Those great Americans did not die in vain nor did they die so that we might surrender at the feet of political correctness.

If you can go have fun and do so.



  1. could we just kill all those fucking people already fucking Muslims are the most useless religion

  2. No that would be genocide. But we can mock them without mercy until they find a religion that wasn’t started by a warlord child rapist that called himself a prophet.

  3. frankly I despise the ignorant, superstitious, unable to think for themselves adherents of ANY religion. There isn’t one of them that is any less fucking stupid than any other.

    I’ve got to say, though, that I despise Christians the most. Especially the peculiar breed down here in the South! Not only are these people stupid, they know they are stupid, AND THEY ARE PROUD OF IT! Bigots too. Man, they actually want to be a SHEEP!

    Pretty much anyone who honestly, really believes in all the ridiculous mumbo-jumbo shit in whatever book of whatever religion they choose to believe in is for all intents and purposes retarded.

    There ain’t a BIT of difference between “jesus died on the cross and rose three days later” and “step on a crack, break your mothers back”

  4. So your worried more about Christians in the south who you find annoying more then people who want to kill or enslave you? I am just assuming this is true since we are talking about Islamic terrorism and your moaning on about Christians who have nothing to do with this topic. OK WOOHOO you don’t like religion good for you I am sure they think you are just as big of a stupid bigot and asshole.

    I don’t care what your religion is or you lack of it as long as you came to those beliefs rationally. Well other then Islam and Scientology since they are cults not religions.

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