I think congress is a bigger threat to America then the Soviet Union’s Nukes ever where.

Lawmakers Could Consider Gas Tax Hike, After Gas Tax Holiday Fails.

Wait a second you mean while the entire country is complaining about high oil prices you fuckers want to raise the taxes on it?  So this is going to help keep the price of oil down how?

And just when I thought Congress had run out of ways to ass rape the American public you pull this one.  Good one Congress good one.

We are not allowed to try to drill for oil where we know it is in our own country ok fair enough you bastards but now you want us to pay even more then we already are?  Fuck you dude.  I don’t care what you want the money for it’s your fault we are in this mess in the first place why don’t you fucking pony up the money to fix the problems you sorry bastards caused?  Oh wait I know why, you are all a bunch of of assholes thats why!  You want to fix the budget stop spending more money then you have rather then this deficit spending bullshit and then stealing our money to pay for your mistakes you donkey fucking douche bags.    Why don’t you vote to give yourself another raise while we are at it.

Is this like some sick sociological experiment to see how much crap the American public will take before they start burning shit down and killing people?  Are you people actively trying to start a new civil war?  Think about this one assholes you live and work in Washington D.C. and the Supreme Court just told everyone there they can buy a gun, you might want to roll back a few of your totalitarian impulses there for a bit cause last time I checked the military isn’t to happy with you people either so I don’t think you can count on them to help you out of this one.

You people can’t be this stupid by accident.  No wonder your approval rating are in the tank.



  1. That the way of the democratic Party, tax the people and use the money for pet projects! Tax the working mans take home pay, tax the gas at the pump and raised the capital gains tax! Prices started going sky high over the last 3 and 1/2 years, remember what happen 3 and 1/2 years ago? Democrats took control of congress and the country went to hell every since!

  2. The country is going to hell because the American public has become so complacent on who is getting voted into office. Or maybe America really doesn’t give a shit that the officials they elect in office seem only to care about getting reelected and how to make their wallets thicker. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, they’re all the same. Congress wants to raise taxes on gas to build more highways. WTF? So instead of finding a way to reduce gas prices, Congress decides to feed the problem by building more highways. What we really need to be doing is putting money into the growth of oil shale reserves technology for another source of energy. Because there is no short term solution in gas prices.

  3. There is no short term solutions but every time someone uses the excuse that it will take ten years to bring the oil to the market I want to punch them. That’s not a reason not to drill that’s the reason we should have done it ten years ago. Highways are important but why bother to build more if we can’t afford the gas to use the things. Congress wants to play politics instead of having a real energy policy it’s insane. We are already hurting and they just want to twist the knife.

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