Foreign country to buy Budweiser

New Mobile Budweiser Brewery

New Mobile Budweiser Brewery

So Budweiser might get bought out by a Belgium company and some people are mad because it is supposed to be an “American Icon” or something like that. OK I’m all for capitalism and it doesn’t really bother me if a foreign country wants to by a beer company it’s not like it is something important to national defense. That said please buy the shit and take it away from America, Budweiser is nothing but moose piss some lying asshole called “The King of Beers”. It’s dirty crap and the sooner you take it off our hands and I never have to see the shit the better. Maybe you could just fill Budweiser cans with Becks so the shit almost doesn’t suck but has the same name.

I am not being paid by the makers of Yuengling in any way, but if they want to pay me or give me free beer I would gladly except it. Plus if we gave the world that stuff instead of the hangover causing moose piss juice that is Budweiser maybe those douche bags from the rest of the planet might not hate us as much (when they don’t need money).



  1. Nice. 😆

  2. Yuengling rocks.

  3. Yes it does much like Iron Maiden and the platypus.

  4. lol you said moose piss and isn’t Belgium going to be France soon? Fucking frogs can have that shit beer well at least the company that makes Hite that shitty South Korean beer did not buy it guess I cant drink Stella any more shit…

  5. To be fair Hite isn’t as bad as Budweiser, although I will agree with you that it it does suck ass. You can still drink Stella but why bother when you could drink Red Stripe or Guinness.

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