Endzweck “sounds of military boots”, more fun from Japan



  1. Endzweck is a badass Japanese band. Are you staying in Japan? Have you ever heard of As We Let Go, Cleave, Silence Kills The Revolution, My Love or FC Five? Those are some really good Japanese bands. Cleave is really awesome punk band. Good video.

  2. I lived in Japan and should be moving back there in the next year.

    I have heard of them but I only one I have seen in concert was Silence Kills the Revolution.

    If you are in or around Tokyo and I take it you are the best Clubs I found are ACB Hall, Antiknock in Shinjuku and 25 West in Yokohama. I have some videos up from some of the bands that play regularly at 24 West on here.

  3. Yeah I have been to all the venues in Shinjuku. There is a new club called 9 Spices in Shinjuku. The only club in Yokohama I have been to is Club Lizard and I wasn’t that impressed. ACB is the still the best I think. I have the whole set of Killing The Dream when they played at Warp in Kichioji.
    check it out.

  4. 24 West is near the Kannai station on the Yokohama subway line, if I remember correctly it’s track 3 from the main station. They have mostly just punk play there it’s a good place a lot of regulars good people. I have a link to the place on my site you should check it out.

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