Update to the D.C. Gun Ban

In an update on the Heller case and the D.C. gun ban it would seem that the new City council resolution on handguns is still a load of B.S. Here is a choice quote from the news:

“The emergency legislation will allow handguns to be kept in the home if they are used only for self-defense and carry fewer than 12 rounds of ammunition.

Handguns, as well as other legal firearms such as rifles and shotguns, also must be kept unloaded and disassembled, or equipped with trigger locks — unless there is a “reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm” in the home.”

Um OK one thing is that the Supreme Court Ruling said you have the right to self defense period that’s it. No questions asked. So let me ask you this so if your gun is locked up and not usable and you think you have a “reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm” are you going to have time to make the firearm usable for defense before you become a victim? I don’t think so! These people will try anything to keep you from your Constitutional rights. OK lets go with the “reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm” Standard, it’s Washington D.C. one of the most lawless crime ridden and violent places in America in and outside of congress. I would say just walking into D.C. justifies a “reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm”.

Here’s another good one:

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision June 26 that affirmed the right to have guns for self-defense “raised more questions than it’s probably answered,” Helmke said. “They haven’t explained where you draw the line.”

Yes they did! I read the whole thing they did explain it. Criminal or Legally insane no gun. Not a criminal or legally insane Gun. It’s that simple. You are either willfully ignorant or a lier.

These people are trying to do everything they can to trash and subvert the constitution. Look I understand background checks and safety courses and I do think they are a good thing, and I always make sure that I teach people proper gun handling and safety before I let them shoot mine when we go out target shooting. I know for a fact I have enough training to properly teach this subject that is why I don’t expect my friends to have taken course before they go out shooting with me because I will give them the training before they even touch a bullet let alone the guns.

This isn’t about safety. I repeat, this isn’t about safety this is people still trying to persist with unconstitutional laws to take away your rights no matter what. The American public has been so complacent for so long about the destruction of their rights and of the responsibilities of the government outlined in the Constitution for so long that is just sad.

Wake the hell up people!!!


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