Stories from Darfur refugees.



This is Darfur.  This is what is going on and will continue while the U.N. does mostly nothing and the Nations in Africa barely even care.  Although  International Criminal Court filed genocide charges Monday against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir we will see what is going to happen.  I think it is to little to late.

This is Sudan where Slavery while not technically legal is still happening on a large scale while the government does nothing and does not care.  This is Sudan where the government arms friendly militia groups to slaughter and rape.  We sat around and didn’t do anything while Rwanda and Cambodia burned what are we doing now?

The world has said never again one to many times without doing anything but paying lip service to crimes against humanity.

H/T Doctor Bulldog



  1. Did you happen to see this? Africa is Giving Nothing to Anyone – Apart from AIDS

  2. I cannot endorse that. Yes Africa needs to fix their own problems and not wait around for handouts, I just can’t endorse the idea of letting people die for population control as it would look like he is suggesting. Yes most of if not all of Africa’s current problems rest on the policies of their leaders and the problems they cause. But I can’t look at genocide and shrug it off. Yes AIDS I don;t much care about because of it’s method of transmission while Malaria is different and I can’t overlook it. All I see from the continent is a whole people trying their hardest for collective suicide and it’s painful to watch if only because of the innocent and the children. The only way I know to stop all this bullshit is to have the bastards that lead these countries taken down. All I can do here is talk about it so maybe the people in power that have the means might be able to set people on the right course but I have little hope for that.

    I pick on the U.N. because it was their job to stop things like this they don’t and I think they can all burn in hell because they won’t.

  3. The UN is too busy criticizing the US for Guantanamo and Canada for not being nicer to the First Nations. Oh, and sucking up to Muslim countries.

    I honestly have no idea what could be done to “fix” Africa but what is being done certainly isn’t working.

  4. True Africa needs to “fix” itself. The problem is that the people that need to be there and know what to do to fix it are either running away because of oppression to the west, or being shot in the streets or stopped from doing any good. The money we send there just goes to the government and their cronies and never helps the real people that need it. All we are doing is propping up dictatorships and corruption by sending the morons money and food. The people are still going to starve no matter what we do. Now this isn’t true in every country Rwanda is doing much better now and slowly pulling themselves up. Malawi isn’t doing too bad considering the government corruption but they have a way to go. It’s not all hopeless but it is up to the people themselves to solve their problems. What they really need is economic freedom and property rights as well as free elections without the corruption and such.

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