it’s three in the morning and I’m all angry like.

Is it a “civil war” or not? Can it really be a true civil war when it is nothing but a mix of, terrorist, ideologies, thugs, warlords, foreign mercenaries, and power hungry assholes killing each other along with the government troops just to see who can come out on top to get the most control? Maybe they can get a real civil war when they get past that one? I don’t know.

What do you say to the poor bastards that have to watch this? How are they supposed to react? You tell them that they are there to fight for stability and to help the people but they can’t tell who the people are from the thugs who hid amongst them. It was the same in Vietnam. They where told they where there to help but not given the tools to do it. Add that with the fact that they are trained to fight opposing armies not cells of revolutionaries and asshole thugs with no uniforms just a cause, or some inane religious system. What can we ask from them, what do we tell them? In Vietnam the White House chose the bombing target for politics while the commanders on the ground where told to shut the fuck up and win with there hands tied behind their backs. Give an 18 year old kid a gun and then tell him to do something while making damn sure that you do everything possible to make sure he can’t do it. The military term for this is “setting someone up for failure”, this is the worst thing you could ever do to a man. To a politician it’s called “Standard Operating Procedure”, or “trying to get reelected”. You Bastards!

You send men to peace keeping mission then tell them they can’t intervene and stop the conflict. “your presence there should be enough and you can’t engage” they are told. What does this do to the Mind of the 18 year old kid that had to watch the slaughter in Rwanda while the U.N. told him he could not engage to stop it? In the Balkans the gave men one bullet then told them they had to ask for permission before they could use it. Why did they bother to even give him that? Was that one bullet for his own head so the end could come faster? How does the commander on the ground explain this to his me without tears in his eyes? He can’t. How can he explain this to his troops to satisfy and console them? They look to him for guidance but his hands are tied by the higher ups. That excuse doesn’t work always work and they all know it. He lies to his men because he has to and his men know it and know why. This is the bullshit of the new era.

I don’t say this to sue for peace or to demonize war. There is no more glory in war then there is in pacifism. They both have there place and time when one or the other is a moronic idea. I’m just venting. If you don’t like it either read something else or come to may house late at night unannounced, but please when you do please try not to bleed on my carpet from the gaping hole I will put through your skull.

There are more people in the military that care more about peace then any protester in Berkeley. They also shower on a daily and not yearly basis. The Protesters are safe either way it doesn’t really effect them, mommy and daddy are paying a lot of money so they can skip class and be an asshole. It is the soldier and sailor that pays the price in war, but they do their duty for the hope of peace. That while they might suffer the rest can live out their lives in peace. You all better hope that one day those kids do tell you all to fuck off and leave you at the mercy of the world because I know a lot of them want to. Sometimes war is a necessity. It’s the sad fact of the world. You think giving all the evil bastards of the world is going to solve all the worlds problems go ahead and try. It’s only going to close enough for them to cut off your head. Talk to me about your Utopian Dreams I know it’s all lies you have to tell yourself so you don’t cry yourself to sleep every night. Hope and flowery words never solved anything, but they sure as hell sound nice coming from the demagogues don’t they. It doesn’t matter war is hell but so is slavery so pick one.

The kids back home don’t know shit, they just get the lies and spin from the network news and college professors. Yeah the college professors, fuck them! Most of them have spent their whole lives on a college campus like they know anything about the real world. The real world the one the rest of us like in. Not the world where you smoked pot in you door room or lived off your parents till you where thirty when you final got a job on the same campus you have been at for 12 years. You get taught Law by someone that never worked for a Law firm and never tried a case. You get taught Economics by someone that has never held a job in the outside world. You get taught business by someone that never owned one or even worked for one. Taught about war by someone that dodged the draft and never was even in the Boy Scouts let alone the Army. Tell me O’ great sage about the working man you know more then I, no matter that I have worked in those factories that you speak of yet have never even been in. You know more then I! I have worked all those jobs you sing you half assed praises to in support of your cause, but would never soil your hands on. Does that make me a better man? No, but I am not a hypocrite and that does.

Maybe I’m off the point and maybe I just don’t care.  I guess what I am trying to say if fuck your protests and fuck the political machine that buys votes from the blood and carnage of war.  Do you really think that if you undermine the troops that will stop the bloodshed or is that a question you never asked yourself.  Give the children the chance to make for themselves a better world they deserve that much at least.  For all the faults of the war we are there for good intentions and while that is not always good enough we are there let them do the right thing and build a better world.  It’s that or walk away with a job half finished just like Vietnam and look how well that all turned out.  But you don’t know or want to know do you?  You want to say this is just like Vietnam, well what where the repercussions of the end?  Ask the Vietnamese, the Laotians, the Cambodians , the Hmong.

I’m still trying to figure out why I give a shit.

This angry rant was brought to you by Newcastle Brown ale and the comic book DMZ fist 100 people will get a signed picture of my middle finger while I release 60 squirrels in your living room.



  1. mmm…. Newcastle. Is there a rant it can’t make tasty?

  2. Nope but there needs to be a rant that makes a hangover tasty.

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