Iranian TV Documentary uncovers evil Zionist plot. OH NOES!!!!!

jewish conspiracy

As if the Iranian leader Mahmud Ahlamadomadingdong’s family photo wasn’t funny enough an Iranian TV documentary claims to have found evil Zionist undertones in Hollywood movies. Really just because Ryan rhymes with Zion does not mean that the Movie Saving Private Ryan is an evil Zionist plot. Are you guys trying to make yourselves the laughingstock of the entire civilized world? The Civilized world being something you might want to get around to being part of one of these days.

“Narrator: “The concentrated efforts of the Zionist lobbies in America have led the U.S. government to be the greatest supporter of the regime occupying Jerusalem. In recent years, following the exposure of certain information, hatred towards the Zionists has developed and intensified among various sectors of society in this country. Therefore, some of the efforts of the Zionist propaganda machine are aimed at improving the image of Zionism, and at painting a false picture of the historical role of the Zionists in American society.”

Really? You don’t say? Lets see what other insane ranting we got here:

“Narrator: “Among the more unpleasant scenes of the film are the scenes in which a Jewish soldier directs his rage towards German POWs. When he sees some German soldiers wearing jewelry with symbols of his religion, this soldier has a fit of rage and attacks them. In these scenes, the film director presents a completely sympathetic view of this soldier’s rage towards the helpless POWs. It seems as if this cry of rage is the cry of Zionism validating the crimes perpetrated by Zionism after the world war.”

Um, OK, but if you actually watch the film you would notice that the “Attack” in question is nothing more then the man saying the German word for Jew and he isn’t even yelling (some cry of rage there buddy). So that’s what you call an attack huh?

And more stupidity:

“Moreover, names may be selected for their rhyming value. ‘Zion’ sometimes becomes ‘Ryan,’ as in Saving Private Ryan. They exploit even the similarity of names.”

Private Ryan wasn’t Jewish just in case you hadn’t figured that out jackass.

“Saving Private Ryan highlight the role of Jewish soldiers. By exaggerating this role, the Zionists seem to be trying to achieve legitimacy for their post-war actions.”

There was one, ONE Jewish soldier in the whole movie and he wasn’t even one of the main characters!!!! You people are the only religion in the world that is more nuts than Scientology and that is hard to do.

“The Jewish Steven Spielberg, whose previous film Schindler’s List reflected Zionist goals, and who turned the false story of the Holocaust into an influential movie, is now making a new movie, about Private Ryan.”

Yes the Holocaust was a lie and all those concentration camps never existed. Next you are going to tell me that the Prophet Muhammed never raped a 9 year old girl aren’t you? I understand that in your feeble little brains the fact that a Jew is allowed to make movies let alone live is some kind of Zionist plot but here in the real world we have things like logic, reason, self control and soap. I’m glad you freaks found something better to do with your time other then honor killings, rioting over cartoons and raping 9 year old girls but come on already is there nothing sane about you guys at all?


On another topic have fun with this picture:


Just in case you didn’t know that’s his wife!!!!

Yes different country, same religion.



  1. kose nanat…

  2. huh, Is that Farsi, and what’s the point?

  3. the sooner the arab race dies off this planet the better we will ALL be. Fucking 9 year old girls….REAL MEN you illiterate perverts. You blow shit up because you are too backwards ass to BUILD anything. I teach my daughters to hate ARABS. fuckheads.

  4. Look not all Arabs are Muslim granted most are. Iranians and Afghanis’ are not Arabs but most are Muslim. You can’t hate every Arab because of the Muslim portion of the ethnic group. Yes there are a lot of problems with Muslims but your hate isn’t going to help solve anything.

  5. Why do people think they can say who it is OK to hate or not hate? Hate is what the US needs more of! Simple soft minded easy thinking is not what built this nation. It was the blood and sweat of men that knew there was only one way to do things. But we’ve let go of that and we’re supposed to love and respect people who hate our fucking guts and want us all dead. To hell with muslims and arabs. And piss on China as well. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and WE DO NOT OWE YOUR SORRY ASSES ANYTHING. So if you hate us because you think we’re taking your resources, fine. But if you think we should adopt your simple minded sand eating baby raping homosexual half ass aids infested suicide bombing asses than you have one thing coming and it’s attached to the bottom of the B2.

  6. ALL Arabs are basically monkeys with machine guns.
    Muhammed needs to die. try to come near my daughter you sick fuck. ill knock your face through the back of your head.
    f i was still in the army i would be shooting every fucking arab i came within a 1/2 mile of. i hate you ALL !!!!
    nothing more that breeders of violence but as soon as you get your asses kicked AGAIN you flood the media with pics of wounded women and children. you just forget to mention that because of your stupid religion the kid was out shooting at people so yeah he got shot back at. OH yeah got a few new arab chats for you to try out fucksticks.
    don’t even know why im typing this, ARABs are too stupid to read.
    AS far as the differences between arab muslem hamas, whatever who gives a shit. basically its just a couple of different words in the same stupid religious book that has kept you killing each other for centuries. personally i think we should give you all the guns and bullets you need because once you had it you would just kill each other off then we could move in and kill of the survivors (WINNERS) and do something productive with the land.

  7. I take it English is not your first language? While I understand you anger I can barely understand your writing.

    If you give them guns they will only use them to kill everyone else before they turn on each other or they would do both at once either way it’s not what I would call a good idea.

  8. Facts about iranians…
    *the iranian language which is Farsi, has more than 80% of its words borrowed from Arabic !!!
    the even borrowed the letters drawing !
    persians have NO unique independent language, NO unique independent letter drawing and alphabet.
    *iranians speak using Arabic words and curse Arabs for imposing their culture
    * iran’s population is around 78 million, around 49% of that are mixed races of Azerbaijani, Arabs, Afghans, Kurds, and others, while persians make about 51% !!!!! so persians are about half of iran ONLY !!! lol
    persians are not more than 40 million, while Arabs, Europeans, Americans, are more than 300 million each !!
    *why don’t iranians stop whining and crying like babies about their defeats throughout history ?
    *why are iranians hating Arabs while they use arab letters and words and language ?
    *why they hate Arabs, and Europeans and go ask for jobs as slaves in many European and Arab countries ? while Arabs and Europeans NEVER go to iran.
    they even go to Greece to beg for jobs !!!
    *iranians follow Arabs in religious teachings, but Arabs never follow iranian teachings.
    *do you know that there is no persian encoding or translation on the internet ?? cause persians use Arabic encoding..
    *Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and many other translate tools and company websites have more than 50 languages and NO Farsi !!!!!!!!!!
    *why do persians try to steal Babylonian and Sumerian and Greek history and Turkish history and Azerbaijani and many other histories ?
    *why do more than 95% of persians use Arabic names ?????????
    *iranians hate Turks and call them Mongols and Donkeys
    *iranians believe that all other empires were just fake and fictitious.
    *iranians deeply believe in Zoroastrianism, yet they know nothing about it
    *iranians insult Judaism, Christianity and Islam and call them alien.
    *iranians think that Science and Poetry are Persian products. LOL

    persians talk only about the PAST !!!! PAST PAST PAST….talk about NOW..
    don’t talk about the past and ancient history… cause many countries have amazing history, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, China, Europe, England, Israel, India, Japan, even the Mexican Mayans and even Zimbabwe have great history,,, so DO NOT talk only about the past, talk about NOW !!!!
    *Arabs have Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylon, and ancient Egypt, which is very well known to be more huge and better and older than the so-called Persian empire.

    note worth mentioning: as we know, every great culture and civilization in history MUST have its OWN letter drawing of the alphabet, for example, Chinese, Koreans, Greeks, Russians, Japanese, Arabs, Hebrews, Indians, Caucasians, all have their own unique alphabet letter drawing…
    but iranians don’t ! they borrow it from the Arabic language !!
    so WHY do you claim to have a great history ?? IF you had great history then you’d have you’re own unique letter drawing !!!!!

    iranians need to stop hating everybody ! they hate Greeks, Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Azerbaijan, Jews, Americans, Indians, Asians, and many more, and actually all these people are living now better than iranians and having a good life and freedom…
    while iranians talk and cry only about their past.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Persians have no identity, they’re barbarians of the east !! surrounded by the great Sumerians from the west and the great Chinese from the east, and they stole ideas and history and inventions from both sides, they even borrowed their language and alphabet from Arabs!!!!!
    iranians have the biggest mouth on planet earth!

  9. A fucking man you said it.I never thought I would Hate an entire race of people. Growing up I was told not to judge , But What the fuck is up with these so called human beings called Arab’s and mutslims? Yeah I said Mutslims, because your all fucking Muts, you know like inbred mixed Dog’s. I would actually give half of what I own to ensure the end of their fucking existence. I would actively participate in it and enjoy every moment. Even the killing of their pathetic offspring and helpless elderly would be enjoyable, cause you know they have led a evil existence inflicting pain and agony on others. So I say fuck’em Kill every last fucking one of them, slowly. Specifacly here in the Great USA.

  10. Genocide is never a good thing. It’s one thing to hate Islam it’s another to hate all Muslims because I’m sure there are a couple out there that are not insane baby rapists. I’m willing to bomb the hell out of people that attack us and others but to just kill random people because of their race or religion is wrong. Rather than kill them why don’t you try to find a way to get them to come out of the 7th century and accept living in the 21st, and many of these problems will go away, or might go away. Like I said genocide is wrong.

  11. fuck iran.

  12. well latest news about iran election showed that a lot of iranians are suppressed under the forces of iranian government so they can’t open their mouth even if they don’t like islam its been forced on them and what seems to be happening is that the entire country is ruled by a few extremists muslim ass pedophile mullahs that kill and remove anyone falling or blocking their path without hesitation. so i kinda feel sorry for them. i was thinking completely different but when i saw the shocking videos of people getting shot and killed just because of harmless demonstrations that completely changed my mindset. i hope they’re gonna find a way out of their situation soon.


  14. All caps, that must mean you have something important and useful to say. Well are you going to do it?

  15. goodbye iran. Hope you like your 9 ugly virgins… 😛

  16. I love this. Let’s all hug. laff

  17. Islam: One small scam for a pedophile Arab merchant.One Giant leap backwards for mankind.

    Islam is a social disease. There are several islamic countries and areas. There are no happy islamic countries or areas. Islam is the worst misfortune to befall mankind. It is a curse to be born in an islamic country.

    I know. I grew up in an islamic family in an islamic country. Half of my siblings have been lucky enough to escape to the west. Islamic countries know that most of their citizens would like to abandon the stone age and move to a better country so they operate their countries as prisons.

    The criminals in Iran that claim to be “islamic authorities” are simple criminals running an easy scam. I hope the west learns to stop treating those rabid monkeys as if they were legitimate leaders.

    Islamic scam artists hate the west because they hate freedom. No free educated person would choose islam for anything other than as a topic for cruel jokes.

    A religion that worships a homicidal maniac pedophile is nothing but a criminal scam for keeping people obedient and ignorant.

    May God Almighty save the world from the disease of islam.

  18. Lol easy target.

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