Time to get out the good gin and shoot someone!

gto Hooray for me!!!! I am over 1000 hits on this hate crime… sorry web site. Granted I am sure a lot of them had been the same 10 people over and over but still I have to start some place.

OK so some of you might think 1000 isn’t that much but it is only 3 months, I am sure it isn’t anything compared to “your blog” that I know for a fact sucks dead donkey ass (unless you are in my blogroll then I know you kick ass, and love me or pretend to tolerate my crap).

1000 people (maybe) have been either pissed off or amused by my blog. I can now say to my parents that I have accomplished something other then showing up on the local police blotter several times (no convictions… you can’t catch me bitches).

I would just like to thank all my fans… Um I have fans right?

Oh god why?

I’m so lonely….



  1. 1000 is great. I was a little worried that we’d start our blog and then basically just be talking to ourselves. Isn’t it nice to subject a wider audience to your wisdom?

  2. Sometimes I still think I am mostly talking to myself, it’s ok I do it when I’m not on the internets I might as well do it here too.

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