Hanoi Hilton Commander endorses McCain…

john mccain hanoi hiltonJohn McCain has fielded the unlikeliest of endorsements — from his former captor in the Vietnam War.

Tran Trong Duyet, who was in charge of the so-called “Hanoi Hilton” where McCain was imprisoned for more than five years after his plane was shot down in 1967, told the British Broadcasting Corporation that he now considers McCain his “friend” and that if he had the chance he would vote for him for president.

I can’t wait for the crackpot tinfoil hat brigade starts yelling about him being some kind of “Manchurian Candidate”.  One if he was would there even be a point to it now?  Not likely, and two if he was would he be getting an endorsement from the person most likely to have turned him into one?  No.  If any one in this election is a closet Marxist it is Obama, and I would say he was hiding it very well.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because I have already seen the rumors of this on the internets.  Yes it is possible for old wartime enemies to let go of their animosity and move on with their lives if not at time come to respect one another.  At least he didn’t get an endorsement from Hamas (although was rescinded).



  1. wow i wonder what mccain things of that guy… i bet the people over at the mill would like to see this

  2. McCain and his wife have done some charity work in Vietnam, I think he might want to disagree about the torture thing but he would also know the country the man is coming from.

    And if this isn’t a serious comment for debate and you just want to plug your site fuck you be honest about it. I can deal with an encourage tolls and will even feed them here, but fuck you if you think I am here for you to help you advertise. If I like you site or blog I will add it if you ask me.

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