Update to the Israel/Palestinian Cease fire, or I told you so!

hamas So the other day I commented on how I didn’t trust Hamas on their promise of a cease fire with Israel. Well I was right they couldn’t even go a full week without breaking the thing.

Why do I even pay attention any more?

Now tell me again exactly why you would even bother to have a cease fire with people who are constantly breaking them? My favorite quote is “Hamas is keen to maintain the calm,” Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said”. Yes because intentionally firing several rockets at civilian populations (not even military targets), is really trying to “maintain the calm” there buddy. Oh well did anyone really think that the Palestinians would ever really obey a cease fire considering they never have before?

And any minute now my friend ATW will stop by to call me a Nazi, or Zionist, a racist or Nazi Jew, I do love our talks…



  1. You are missing one big point. It is Israel’s fault again, not sure how yet, but rest assured it is. It is always Israel’s fault. Of course, I am a Bush worshipping jackboot zionist, and a mean, selfish right-wing nut, and maybe just a tad cynical

  2. They (Hamas) certainly use mind-bending logic! Check out the article I just translated from Arabic about these guys (on my blog here at wordpress). It also quotes them directly.

  3. Ah, excuse me. Isn´t Israel the intruder? Isn’t Israel, supported by USA, who is killing, expelling Palestinians from their homes, lands and work, forcing them to leave in absolute desperated situation in Gaza? Seriously, as a mother of 3 children, if I was ever forced to live in such conditions, under fire every single day, watching my husband or any of my relatives being viciously assaulted by any Israeli, I would go crazy as well. The attacks of Palestinians is an expression of desperations caused by hunger, misery, poverty. I do not agree the killing of civilians of any side. All the Israelis and americans are guilty for the bloodshed of Palestinians somehow.

    All the americans citizens are guilty because they are paying for the devastation of the Palestinians, even though 90% of them doesn’t know anything about it but we can not claim ignorance. And the Iraelis citizens are guilty because they agree with the bloodshed and it all happens in the name of the Lord. Isn’t it crazy???????????

  4. No, The Israelis purchased land from Palestinian land owners, they started doing that before WWII. They Paid the asking price. After WWII, Israel declared sovereignity, at that point, they were attacked by 7 Islamic nations. They have been under an almost constant attack ever since. The myth about the “occupied territory” is that Israel stole it in an unlawful invasion. Israel actually conquerred that territory after they were attacked within weeks of UN recognition of their statehood. At the same time Israel gained land, it also lost land, nobody ever mentions that. As far as Israel attacking Palestinians, it is always in self-defense. It has been in self-defense since day one. Each time there is a cease-fire, it is the Palestinians that break it. Conditions in the Palestinian territories are the direct result of Palestinians attempting to destroy Israel. America is no more responsible for the bloodshed in the Palestinian territories than we are for the attacks on New York and the Pentagon 6 and a half years ago.

  5. I really don’t think either side is completely justified right now. You have a good point about Palestinians. I think it’s important to look directly at what both sides say and do and not favor either one. I did think that it was odd, though, that Hamas said it supported the cease fire and fired some rockets on the exact same day (???) For all I know, Israel’s done the same thing before, but it’s wrong whoever is doing it. If treaties can’t be trusted, what can?

  6. I think our friend dcbarton sums it up nicely. The Palestinians Arabs where told to leave the area by the other Arab nations before the start of the war. This was because the 6 nations planning on attacking Israel wanted to slaughter everyone in Israel and were not going to bother to check who they where killing.

    The reason Gaza is in a bad situation is because their government (Palestinians) refuse to bother to do anything for the people other then send them to die fighting to wipe out the Jews.

    Israel while not always right has shown more restraint then any other nation in the history of the world in this kind of situation.

  7. The rockets today were in response to the killing of two men in the west bank and the alleged shooting of a farmer in Gaza. The israeli press is reporting this, why aren’t you?

  8. You mean a raid where they are trying to arrest someone but they can never do it so they end up killing the terrorists?

  9. The Arab press reported it…

  10. yes I noticed that I was saying there is a difference between the two. One is launching rockets at civilians and the other could be considered a legitimate police action.

    When you say “alleged shooting” it doesn’t give you much to go with.

  11. I don’t get why they shoot rockets from Gaza as a response to something in the West Bank. Hamas needs a better PR guy.

  12. Hamas does have a better PR guy but I think Jimmy Carter wasn’t around for this one.

  13. Islamic Jihad != Hamas

    Please learn the difference

  14. What terrorist scum and terrorist scum? What is the difference?

  15. “Islamic Jihad = Hamas Please learn the difference”

    Charles Manson = The Son of Sam

    Exactly what is the difference between a psychotic murderer and a muderering psychotic?

    Islamic Jihad and Hamas are different groups, they have different names, but they have the exact same goal, the complete eradication of Israel

  16. I know they are two different groups however Hamas are the ones in charge of Gaza and it is their ideological allies that are pulling shit. I know that they have a tendency to try to kill each other to gain power now and then, but when it all comes down to it their only goals is to kill all the Jews.

  17. Yes, Islamic Jihad is technically different, but Hamas condoned their action.

  18. Hamas condoned the actions of people who kill Jews? What they would never do such a thing.

  19. And the rockets keep coming…

  20. Fuck you Hamas and Fuck you Palestine your turn is coming

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