The truth about The Bastard (me).

assholeSo I will now give all my fans (if I had any) my addendum to the “About” section in this little hate crime I calls my web site, or in English the mental masturbation, idiotic self gratification and stupid ranting people would call a Blog. What’s the point of all this tripe? I’m preaching to the perverted Just like the Poppies said:

We’re Robin Hoods, for the
good of the losers
The boozers, the ugly, the crazy,
The drunks and the punks,
The perverts, the lazy…

I’m not trying to speak “Truth to Power”, that is just something hippies say when they go on and on talking and talking without saying one damn thing of any intelligence, importance or use. I am here to piss you the hell off. Hell I consider it my calling in life to destroy your fragile little self esteem, or as I like to call it the lies you have to tell yourself so you don’t suck off a shotgun when you realize the pointlessness of your own existence.

I’m not here to run other people’s lives, I don’t like you that much.  You want to be a junkie?  Go ahead, fuck your life up, but I will be damned if I am going to have to give my tax dollars to help you in any way, I deal with my life you deal with yours.  And you better hope to god you don’t show up at my doorstep for anything because I will shoot you in the face.

I’m the asshole at the show that makes the band chug beers during their set and then will throw the beer cans at the audience before starting a pit, and thats why you love me.

I hate everything other the punk rock, anime, beer, kittens, and salt water fish tanks. No exceptions.

I am the asshole that will explain to you why you beliefs are stupid, hell sometimes I will have charts and graphics for it. Nothing makes me feel better then knowing you have spent an hour in a corner crying to yourself questioning your entire concept of reality.  Sadly some people will always be too stupid to ever understand (California).

I truly believe that I am better then almost everyone on the planet and I don’t even like myself that much. Now think about it, what does that say about you people?

I hate people and do not in any way feel the need to help them. No really it’s true! I don’t ask you for nothing and I sure as hell don’t owe you shit! That’s my view. I have my own life to deal with and you have no right to expect me to deal with yours. It’s your life not mine and if you don’t care about yourself enough to deal with your own life why the hell should I give a flying dead rat’s syphilitic ass about you?

I don’t care about Global Warming, I really don’t, hell wasn’t it Global Cooling 30 years ago? Get your facts strait now and then and stop the bullshit scare tactics, We know you only do it to make money because you are to stupid and useless to find a real job. Fuck your idiotic view on environmentalism. You want to go back to some preindustrial civilization in harmony with nature have fun with an average lifespan of 30 years and see how much fun life is when you don’t have penicillin any more. On another note if pandas wanted to survive they might want to fuck a little more.

Obama is not Jesus so knock the shit off you freaks. You want to know why the youth vote Obama? It’s the same reason they get knocked up when they are in junior high or watch MTV, because they are morons.

You want to talk about Islamaphobia? Last time I checked the entire religion was based off the violent subjection of the entire would. They are like a less honest version of communism. I think we all have the right to be worried. Plus nothing is less attractive then a culture/religion/political ideology that makes you get married to your first cousin. Do you know why the rest of the world doesn’t force their woman to go around in full body bags at all time? It’s because the rest of the world has enough self control to not rape every woman or underage boy in sight the second they see a little bit of skin, that’s why! Your entire religion is like dealing with violent psychotic children with a thing for murder, rape and pedophilia. You want me to respect your religion maybe your all holy prophet Mohammed (peace be upon her) shouldn’t have married a six year old girl then had sex with her when she was nine. He was in his fifties for gods sake. The only reason that there are still Muslim woman is because they are either as so afraid for their lives they fake like they still care or have Stockholm Syndrome. Islam is the only religion so off the wall crazy/stupid that it makes Scientology look sane by comparison and that is almost impossible to do.

You want to talk about race? Good. Fuck race! I could give a flying fuck about your race! It’s not something that should be important for me or you. The thing is I am not going to treat you like poor little children just because you have a different skin tone then I do. You are people not a skin color! I might not always agree with your ideas but I sure as hell am not not going to call you an Uncle Tom or a Race Traitor because you don’t agree with how I want you to think (unlike say the DNC). We are all people so knock the stupid shit off so we can all evolve past this stupid crap! You want to know why people can’t have a real conversation on race? It’s because rather then have a rational respectful and intelligent conversation/debate we all feel the need to get personal and accuse people of being a racist the second they don’t agree with every last thing we think, thats why! Look both sides have or at least should have good intentions in this debate, so try understand that so we can finally all grow as people. Race is a artificial and self imposed joke anyway.

A Traditional Liberal Constitutional Republic is the only form of government that can guarantee true personal/economic freedom and human rights end of story. I said Traditional Liberal not the fucking morons that claimed the name but call themselves Progressives as well. They are just delusional assholes that don’t know shit and don’t have the balls to admit that they are Socialists and Communists.

I am a Capitalist because unlike you I contribute to society and demand you do the same.

If the hope for peace ever solved anything then what happened in Tiananmen square? If those kids had the Second Amendment do you think it would of gone down like that?

I believe that the First Amendment (freedom of speech) is non negotiable if you disagree please let me explain the Second Amendment to you since that is what makes sure that I keep the First.

I believe the Second Amendment (right to bear arms) is non negotiable. If you disagree feel free to come over and tell me what size of round you would like to penetrate your forehead, I have several styles and can assure you that you wont be disappointed.

I also encourage and or feed the trolls.

So fuck all you bastards The Revolution will be Televised!



  1. wheres my credit bitch

  2. Considering it was dad that put the hole in the condom and didn’t let you go to the abortion clinic to waste my ass I think you can suck a fat one mom!

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