Fire some tear gas in there that will teach the morons!

hippiesFor those who have been following the U.C. Berkeley Oak Grove tree sit what I want to know is why don’t they just fuck the hell out of these morons with tear gas?  They want these stupid hippies to knock the crap off light their asses up already.  Granted I know many of the tree sitting jack-asses will get hurt while falling from their perches but really thats what I am advocating here.    Look when someone is named “Dumpster Muffin” I really really don’t care how badly you get injured for you idiocy.  I in fact hope for it and want to watch it on instant replay several times.

Really how bad did you have to fuck up at being a parent when these are your children?

I am trying to consider you all count as people but you are making it very hard for me to do so.

H/t  Zomblog


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