Yeah because them Hamas guys are really trustworthy!

hamasJERUSALEM —  Israel officially confirmed Wednesday that a cease-fire with the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip will begin in an effort to end a year of fighting that has killed more than 400 Palestinians and seven Israelis.

Yeah I give this all of five seconds before the Palestinians do what they do best, randomly launch rockets at civilian targets, blow up woman and children in coffee shops while training 5 year olds to become suicide bombers.  I don’t trust them to say the least.  The only reason I think they usually even pretend to have a cease fire is because they ran out of weapons and are trying to rearm without getting shot at while doing so.  It’s that or they finally figured out it is really hard to actually get food when you spend all your time trying to murder as many people as possible rather then trying to find or create jobs.

Really though who cares if your people are starving when they should all be trying to die for Allah?
Here’s my solution to the problem.

1.  Wall off the Gaza strip and the west bank and let the Palestinians have it.

2.  Wall off Jerusalem from the Palestinians and never let a single one of them get anywhere near the city.

3.  Explain to the new Palestinian state that they are now on there own and to have fun making a life for themselves they got the land back.

4.  Further explain that any violence from the new Palestinian state directed toward Israel will be considered a declaration of war and will be met with such overwhelming force that entire Palestinian country will be called “New Carthage” for all eternity.

5.  Peace…



  1. Your proposed anti-Semitic solutions are exactly what the Nazis and Hitler wanted to do with the Jews and what the Whites wanted to do in Africa!

    With people like you around, Nazism is alive and well…


  2. Oh it’s my favorite Jew hater back for more!!! And it looks like you are still an angry, angry woman. It’s OK you can take your burka off and stop hating Jews, I don’t think your husband will notice one of his four thirteen year old child brides is missing long enough for you to get away.

    You don’t have to hate the Jews any more. Really you don’t, or has Hamas stollen your baby to make him a suicide bomber at four years old?

    Further more for me to be anti-Semitic I would have to hate all of the Semitic peoples not just one little group of them you fucking moron. Think about it like this If I said I hated the Germans that would not make me a racist against white people that would only mean I hate the German version of the white race (I don’t it’s an example), just as if I said I hated all people from Zimbabwe it does not mean I hate all Africans, just the ones from Zimbabwe (I do hate Mugabe, not the normal people of the country). So with that in mind if I say I can’t stand the shit the Palestinians do it does not mean I hate all of the Semitic people just the Palestinian ones. I never even said I hated Palestinians anyway I just can’t stand the fuckers in Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah and asshole terrorist Palestinians and their supporters.

    So before you call me an anti-Semitic you might want to know what the hell your talking about first. If you can’t figure out something so simple go play Bulldozer tag already for you masters!

    I do love how you look in you hijab by the way, especially when you show a little ankle for daddy…

  3. Your topic in History class today is WWII. In WWII the Palestinian brigade of the British army was made entirely of Jews, the Arab Palestinians supported Hitler. I thought you might want to know that since you keep bringing up the Nazi’s.

  4. You’re such an adult.. full of hate to anyone non White. Are you sure you’re blood is not blue?

    But I love to stomp morons like you. Here’s one fact:

    If anyone thinks that it would be impossible for any Jew to make common cause with the Nazis, consider the following: The “Lehi Group” was a self-described terrorist organization fighting to evict the British rather than support them in World War II. It later became known as the Stern Gang after its founder Avraham Stern. Stern made contact with the Nazis proposing an alliance with Germany in exchange for a Jewish state in Palestine!

    So you “cute little cartoon” go to the Library and read a book.. preferably a History book.. that is, if you can differentiate between Cartoons and reality…

    The other fact is that you scare me.. you assume I am a woman? I’d say your a transvestite… I just decided you are just like you decided I am a woman and wear a hijab or whatever…

    Conclusion: you are the moron. 😉


  5. Still couldn’t fault my logic. Although you could fault the insults. That’s why I love you! You complain that I assumed you where a woman then assume I am white. Then you assume I hate everyone non-white even though I never said that I did. So what part of my post did I say I hate all non-white people?

    Hmm? Pot. Kettle. Hello.

  6. I iz scary it big fun. Oh my blood isn’t blue but it is usually a nice amber color due to the fact it is 90% Red Stripe beer and Gin.

  7. Logic? What logic? You have non! Read my first comment.. it’s you who couldn’t really come back with anything worth discussing….. You are full of hate – read your own post again cartoon baby!

    The re-read my first comment to see the relationship between what you posted and why I’m referring to you as Nazi… it’s in your blood moron.. your ancestors started negotiating with Nazis… and now you still apply the same “tactics.”


    You bore me.. see ya!


  8. 400 dead palestinians and 7 dead israelis. Explain again who the terrorist is?

  9. So it’s in my blood to try to work with the Nazi’s?

    I also never said I was an Israeli or even Jewish. One more for the assumption pile on that one my friend. I said Palestinian Terrorist intentionally target civilians is that not true?. The Israelis try to only target the terrorists but it is war and collateral damage is going to happen plus how many of the 400 are Palestinians killing each other in there own civil war they have been having in Gaza? You forgot to talk about that one.

    This is fun isn’t it?

  10. Maybe the People in Gaza could get a better body count on Israel if they tried to aim their daily rocket barrage better? I never said I agree with the killing though.

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