Grab your Little Red Book the Cultural Revolution comes to Canada!!!!

canadian human rights commissionSo for those of you who don’t know Freedom of Speech no longer applies in Canada. This is good news for The people of Canada because now they know they can spend their entire lives never having to get their feeling hurt. If for some reason some one does get a little butthurt over some comment made by someone running to your rescue to protect your vulnerable little ears is the Canadian Human Rights Commission (who runs more like a good old Soviet show trial) and the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal there to make sure that the mean son of a bitch that hurt your fragile self esteem pays for his Thought-crimes.

“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value – Dean Steacy, Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Fun!!! So Canadian governmental organizations that are supposed to protect Human Rights don’t believe in Freedom of speech. That’s great, why don’t they just call themselves the Ministry of Truth and get it over with. Heres how it works if you write something that some other group finds offensive (read: something they don’t agree with) they can sue you for damages through the Canadian Human rights Commission. So what happens Mark Steyn writes a book and some Muslims get angry at him so what do they do sue, some Minister voices his disagreements with the policies of homosexual activist, you guessed it he gets sued.

As Rich Lowry noted on Townhall “The national commission has never found anyone innocent in 31 years. It is set up for classic Alice-in-Wonderland “verdict first, trial later” justice. Canada’s Human Rights Act defines hate speech as speech “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.” The language is so capacious and vague that to be accused is tantamount to being found guilty.”

To see and understand how this works take an excerpt from National Reviews commentary on the “trial” of Mark Steyn over his book that got some Canadian Muslims just a little Butthurt:

“The proceedings had no evidentiary rules — new evidence was routinely introduced without warning. Commissioners routinely recessed to determine the eligibility of evidence; legal representation would dash off mid-hearing to print Internet material to introduce as evidence; an “expert” witness was called whose chief credentials were academic papers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and still other witnesses were called under the prejudicial direction that “we anticipate that success in this case will provide the impetus for prohibiting discriminatory publications in the other provinces.””

They are even trying to have Canadian bloggers brought up on charges and have foreign web-site they don’t like blocked from access by Canadian citizens.

If your views are contrary to the ideology of the Soviet… Sorry Canadian Human Rights Commission they will make you publicly repudiate and apologize for you own beliefs. I guess since they haven’t figured out mind control yet they just make you prostrate yourself on the alter of political correctness. Look if you can be prosecuted for saying something, no matter how true it might be that hurts someone’s self esteem you have just destroyed any concept of rational debate in society. Sorry Canada I think you might be screwed.

How about this Richard Warman, Dean Steacy, Ed Stelmach, Mohamed Elmasry, Bernie Farber, Syed Soharwardy, Giacomo Vigna and everyone that is part of or has anything to do with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and Alberta Human Rights Commission is a raving douche bag pussy ass sister fucking fascist degenerate cum drinking child raping communist fucktard, and I bet you all have STD’s. There fuckers try to sue me for that one bitches!!!!!

More and probably better information can be found at these places :

Steyn Online

Free Mark Steyn

Small Dead Animals

Ezra Levant

Down With Everybody

canadian human rights commission



  1. just remember socialism is just a step a way from being a fucking commie

  2. Oh stop you and your logic and truth some people might get confused.

  3. Canada needs to wake the fuck up…and realize we have too many problems with this country. Too many shitty fuckin immigrants coming here and stealing jobs from hard working “TRUE” Canadian people….too many muslims who wear those god damn burkas at airports and go right through security not needing to remove them… ALSO where there was once “freedom of religion” and playing the lords anthems in schools is now “offensive” to some others…I have to say one thing “FUCK THE OTHER PEOPLE”…they came to CANADA…they must adapt to OUR ways…not the other way around…. Also our government is a piece of shit always raising taxes, HST, GST, PST, etc..etc… Something is seriously fuckin wrong in Canada……this country is a god damn shit hole full of pussy fuckin hippies….FUCK CANADA and FUCK THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, and FUCK ALL YOU IMMIGRANT SAND NIGGERS COMING TO CANADA!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY YOU COCK SMOKING FAGGIT COMMUNISTS!!!!

  4. Look I understand some of what you say but do not use racist terms here. I don’t ban people from it but you only make yourself look like an ass when you do. Plus you obviously want to yell about Muslims but have to use a racist term for them that also goes after black people and that is wrong. If you want to be a racist go right ahead but you are a little useless fuck if you are a racist. I don’t like Islam either but that is a belief and you can change a belief but ethnicity and skin color are things you are born with and do not mean anything about who you really are. So really fuck you, you might have had a point if you hadn’t been a racist fuckhole. Also we don’t make fun of homosexuals here, yes I know the political gay movement has a lot of freaks in it but come the fuck on!

    Really yeah Canada might be fucked but I don’t think you are helping.

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