Hate mail from the religion of peace, funny as hell!!!!

This is part of some hate mail sent to The Mackenzie Institute it’s funny.

“You go to beach, you remove all your clothes, and you are naked in front of thousands of people. In this case, the husband is watching his wife’s body, that is ok; but the son is watching his mother’s body; the father is watching his daughter’s body; the brother is watching his sister’s body and thousands of men are watching his wife’s body. The husband has no feelings or he is not ashamed when thousands of men are watching his wife’s naked body.”

—-What you can’t go to the beach without checking out your kids? I know Muhammad had a thing for nine year old girls but he wasn’t the father, just the lover.—-

“You drink, smoke, kiss, or you have sex in front of your children. This is why; they have sex at the age of 12 or 14. You have sex before you reach 15, and you play with many partners minimum 50 before you get married? Then, why do you have a honeymoon? When a man first touches his wife, the day the husband sees the blood in his wife’s body during the first sex, we call that “wedding and honeymoon”.

—-50? 50? Those lucky rat bastards. Finally the last one is about the Queen of England—-

“We thing she is wearing gloves for emergency use. In case if she doesn’t have toilet paper in the palace, she could use the gloves to wipe the ass. She is wearing gloves and a hat, but keeping poo in the ass without washing. DON’T WIPE THE ASS. WASH THE ASS. NASTY PEOPLE.”

Read the whole thing it’s fucking funny as hell.

H/t Small Dead Animals


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