Zimbabwe Africa’s sick joke.

zimbabweBefore the 1980 independence from England Zimbabwe had the highest per capita income in Africa, however thanks to the rule of the “president” Robert Mugabe it’s not quite the happy little place anymore.

Ah Zimbabwe is a wonderful place giving you such wonderful things as an annual inflation rate of 1,063,572% that is predicted to reach an 5,000,000% by October 2008, think about it like this prices double about every 15 minutes. Of course there is also the inability to understand how the concept of voting is supposed to work. It isn’t really voting when you have the police make sure only your supporters are allowed to the polls while telling the opposition party they aren’t allowed to campaign for office kind of ruins the electoral process.
So Mugabe loses the election but the opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai doesn’t have enough votes to avoid the runoff election. OK fair enough that is the election laws. However Mugabe knowing he lost the first round and will most likely lose the second and final round of voting does what despots have been doing for years pays off enough of the police army and supporters to make life hell for anyone that isn’t planning on voting for anyone but himself, through intimidation, mass murder and the assassination of political rivals, even going so far as to start attacking diplomats from Britain and the U.S. for there support of free and open democratic elections.

Since all this is not enough fun for the people of Zimbabwe he then blames all of the problems of his country, the one he has ruled for the last 28 years on the historic colonialism of the west, even though as I have stated earlier the countries economy was vastly superior until he came to power. As if he is trying to run on a platform of blatant lies Mugabe frequently likes to accuse Britain and the United States of plotting to topple him and return Zimbabwe to colonial rule. Yes because it is easier to blame some giant boogie man for the problems your economic and political policies caused then to admit that your just a power hungry and psychotic little tyrant hell bent on using every bad economic/political idea from the 19 and 20th centuries. Basically Mugabe’s political stand is a mixture of populist and racial demagoguery, Marxist social/economic planning, nepotism and good old fashion brutality. In other words the perfect mix of fun guaranteed to make sure that there is no way for your country to prosper.

With any luck the runoff election will be held on June 27th and Morgan Tsvangirai will be elected on and be able to take over the governing of Zimbabwe rather then get murdered on his way there. He might be able to start the long and hard process of fixing a country that is essentially fucked, or find a way to fuck it up even more. Only time will tell.


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