Pakistan kindly asks the EU to amend laws on freedom of expression, or else!

islam “They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out”.

This kind of gets rid of the whole “Freedom of Speech” thing doesn’t it. While I don’t think that people need to go around trying to offend someones religious sensibilities you have every right to do so. Everyone has things they do or do not agree with the point of Free Speech is to hold up peoples ideas to the public so they can be debated and then condemned or confirmed by peoples own personal choice. Once you start regulating what a person is or isn’t allowed to say you are going to have problems. How are we supposed to properly air our grievances with the government or society if we are not free to express our ideas? If you don’t like what someone is saying you have every right to express your disagreement but not the right to silence them. You are also not forced to listen to them if you don’t want to. If you don’t like the film that someone is going to make then either make your own to counter his argument or just don’t watch the thing. True Free Speech puts no obligation on anyone other then the speaker to support and defend his views in the public square and he really doesn’t even have to do that. He has the right to talk we have the right to talk back or laugh at the guy.  Freedom of speech means we have to accept that it is a persons right to speech and ideas even for ones we despise.

You do not have to read this web site if you don’t want to, as I have no right nor does the government have the right to force you to read it. That is Free Speech. There can be no limits, other the the whole “yelling fire in a crowded room” argument. So unless we are going to say that Muslims cannot possibly control themselves and therefore any slight against them real or imaginary no matter how small or pointless is the cause of the violence, refuse to hold the individuals responsible for there own actions, then this is therefore the same as “yelling fire in a crowded room”.  If you are going to use this argument against free speech then I will use the argument that they should all be put in a crazy house.

This is proof that we need more Speech not less, and if you can’t come to the table and play nice why the hell should we listen to anything you have to say. These are the same people that have no problem making racist and derogatory cartoons and T.V. shows about the Jews, or every other religion but it’s not cool when some one does it to you? Fuck your hypocrisy! You want to threaten us with violence if we don’t agree with you? Try it and see who has more guns and bombs! Really I’m not about to cower at the insane ranting of fanatics that are stuck in the 7th century.


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