I love this quote from Encyclopedia Dramatica, on the Palestinians.

rachel currie bulldozer tag“The Palestinians as a nation owe their existence to a paradox in statistics:

* If you say that Arabs lost about 1% of their turf – the part which has absolutely no oil – it doesn’t sound like much.

* But if you say that the Palestinians were bestolen half their precious homeland, it suddenly sounds like a lot.

* Thus, some of the Arabs now call themselves “Palestinians”.

In plain English

Palestinians are Arabs. They are going to deny it. Who wouldn’t? But they are.”

I also like this one: “They also can fuck. Israel kicked out 700,000 arabs in 1948. They immediately started fucking like crazies, and now they are about four millions. It’s like leaving a rabbit cage unattended, goddamnit.”

For more information check out Bulldozer Tag! It is a really fun game just ask Rachel.



  1. How many more child massacres can we tolerate? Has the international community become the accomplices of a Palestinian society who brainwashes their young into becoming robotic humanoids that kill Jews? : newsbeyondnews.com

  2. Um, yeah they have.

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