Live action remake of Akira, welcome to hell!!!

akira Yeah they are redoing Akira as a live action movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio… YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING ASS SUCKING TWATWAFFLES. Really is there no part of my childhood you bastards won’t rape?

So they are changing the setting to New York, and the lead characters aren’t even Japanese. They say they want to make it more in line with the original Manga rather then the Film, so how is changing a group of Bosozoku (Japanese biker gang) that sells speed in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo into a bunch of effeminate ass holes in New York, more in line with the Manga? Does Hollywood have to ruin everything? I swear to god if you fuckers go after The Goonies next and I am going to have to come down there and it is not going to be pretty.


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