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religionSaudi King Calls for End to Islamic Extremism?

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Islam must do away with the dangers of extremism and present the religion’s positive message, Saudi King Abdullah said Wednesday as he opened a conference of Muslim figures aimed at launching a dialogue with Christians and Jews.

Really well I guess it is about time. So are we going to have this “Interfaith Dialogue” in Saudi Arabia a country where it is illegal to own a copy of the Bible or Torah? Because if we are going to do this and you can’t even bring the religious texts of your particular faith into the country it’s doesn’t sound like we are going to get a lot accomplished. Furthermore while this could (doubtful) be a good step forward we might want to include representative of Buddhism and Hinduism the other two largest faiths on the planet, perhaps the Sikhs they are usually decent fellows, to help turn this into a global discussion of religion and the hope of true religious freedom.

How about this maybe if you really want some meaningful dialogue to start and actually accomplish something why don’t you open up diplomatic relations with Israel and acknowledge their right to exist. Maybe I’m crazy but it might help to show that you are serious about this rather then just using this as a publicity stunt to make yourself look better without having to do anything really meaningful about the issue, like allowing the “Freedom of Religion” in your own country. I know getting to the 21st century might take some time but you should at least try to be at the 19th or 20th by now.

Look I am not going to condemn the Saudi king outright because he may truly be trying for real religious reconciliation and peace. There is know way for me know what is in his heart, however if you look at the conditions in the country he runs it does give me pause.

We can always hope but I’m not going to hold my breath.


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