New Obama posters, if you don’t vote for him you are a racist!

obama election 1

obama election 2

obama election 3

obama election 4



  1. what happen in 1984?

  2. It was a book by George Orwell? Ring any bells?

  3. Obama a commie?



    By the way–brainboys–this is a copyrighted image and I’m forwarding this link to Shepard Fairey.

    Get out your wallets–fascist insects.

  4. Obama might not be a communist but he sure spent a lot of his life hanging out with them.

    Anyhoo, you should probably send the complaint to the original site that would let people change the wording under it to make your own poster. It was also a pro-Obama site if you want to know. Plus didn’t Shepard Fairey admit last month (maybe the month before) that he took the image from another “copyrighted” image, so shouldn’t they sue him first? I also might be able to get away with the whole thing due to the fact it’s a parody, but really even if I can’t sue away my friends sue away. I will gladly give them all the money I have made off of this website. Let me see… That comes too about… Oh I don’t know something like $0.00.

    The check is in the mail.

    And please if you are going to call someone a “fascist” please understand what a fascist is first as you clearly don’t.

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