Hey kids kill yourself for mother earth!!!!!

global warmingSo I found on the site Small Dead Animals a cute little environmental web site’s nifty little quiz to tell children, yes children when they should die so they don’t use up more then their alloted part of the planet (I got 9 more years). So yes this is wonderful isn’t it, telling children that they need to die?

What kind of sick fuck thinks this shit up let along actually goes through with making this for children? It reminds me of the book “State of Fear” how environmental groups are just using propaganda and scare tactics to get their agenda pushed though. This is morally reprehensible. “Look Johnny you need to make sure you are dead by this time or mother earth will be unhappy with you”. Just when you thought these people couldn’t stoop any lower.

Global warming, is a joke it has nothing to do with science it’s politics, propaganda and money that is all it is. Do I care about the earth? Well a little bit, but until they divorce the politics from this it will be nothing more then bad science and propaganda. These fuckers regularly link skeptics to someone that denies the holocaust, or various deviants. They get “abortions to protect the environment”. Now if this is what you are getting from these people why the hell is anyone listening to them? I understand that we need to responsible with our resources and be good stewards to the earth but these people are crazy.

What ever happened to the global cooling in the 70’s?

Think about this one if mankind is the one most responsible for global warming why is Mars also warming? Could it have to do with the sun? No of course it doesn’t because that wouldn’t make people money off this shit now would it?


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  1. thats terrible!!!

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