Miscarriage of justice

underage prostitutes/human trafficking“FORT WORTH, Texas — Three teenagers accused of forcing girls as young as 12 into prostitution have reached plea agreements and been sentenced to a juvenile detention center.

The boys — two are 17 and one is 16 — will be released no later than their 19th birthdays, according to the plea agreement… If the girls refused to have sex for money, the gang members beat and sexually assaulted them and threatened their families, police said.”

What the hell is wrong with the people down there. Letting them plead down to 2-3 years for assault, rape, and forced prostitution? I seriously want to know why the prosecutor didn’t try them as adults? Think about it in 3 years all these fuckers will be back out on the streets and if you think that they aren’t going to go back to the same shit you are lying to yourself. They where gang members, this is organized crime.

They get 3 years in jail for human trafficking of underage girls. 3 fucking years. Don’t try to tell me this scum can be rehabilitated, They won’t be.


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  1. What the fuck is wrong with the cunts who did this in the first place? They should have been sent to rehaband then been exicuted but no because their young and they’ve got lives ahead of them they only get three years well thats bullshit because what about those twelve year olds they had live ahead of them and theirs are gone and all fucked up so their captures should have their life and dignity stolen fromthem to. They should die a long painful, humilyating death.

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