Indiana Jones makes communism look bad?

communsim“Leaders of the Communist Party of St. Petersburg have accused the actors Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett of being “capitalist puppets” and promoting crude, anti-Soviet propaganda in their new film, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

Really Indiana Jones makes communism look bad? I know the last movie sucked a phat one but really are you serious?  What about the Gulags, forced starvation of the Ukraine, the pogroms against the Kulaks, or The killing Fields? None of these make communism look bad?

Nope it’s Indiana Jones!

Let’s see

USSR – Between 44-66 million
China – Between 70 – 100 million
Cambodia – Between 1.5 – 1.7 Million (25-35% of the countries population)
Yugoslavia – About 1 million
North Vietnam/Republic of Vietnam – Between 500,000 – 1 million
North Korea – At least 1.7 million
Cuba – 31,173 (although I think this number is vastly underestimated)

So if you only take these you get 171,431,173 people murdered.

Indiana Jones, really?

None of these figures include deaths cause by wars either directly started by communist countries or through proxy. These numbers are only people killed by intentional government programs. Now this list is not inclusive of all communist oppression/murder I just used these as an example. Essentially Marxism has contributed to the deaths of over 200 million people world wide and I might be low balling that number. All the deaths in WWII civilian/military only was only around 72.5 million for some perspective.

Now some one tell me how Indiana Jones is making communism look bad? It seems to have done a good job of doing that for itself. Now you can argue that it is not the true intention of the Marxist system however since socialism and communism must rule through absolute control, the idea of the constant class war, and the worldwide aims of Marxist ideology it is very hard to divorce the mass murder from the actually ideology. Even the revolutionary nature/ideology of Marxism implies the need for brutality in order to create and then keep the populace in subservience to the state.

Capitalism on the other hand is an economic system not a totally inclusive political/economic/social ideology like communism. A capitalist country can do bad things but it isn’t from capitalism it’s from the individual government. If you do not or cannot understand the difference you might want to take off the Che’ t-shirt and read a book that wasn’t written by Kim IL Sung or Noma Chomsky.
Before you bitch democracy can have it’s problems as well but has never even come close to the brutality of communism. Only through a government with limited powers (through a constitution) can true freedom and human rights exist.  Otherwise you are at the whim of your masters (screwed).

“And it’s a holiday in Cambodia
Where you’ll do what you’re told
A holiday in Cambodia
Where the slums got so much soul”


  1. asshole, you have no idea what communism is about, bet you’re some ignorant fuck who has biasedly been told about what communism was like and has never actually seen it. bitch i live in russia, and have what communism was like and how much better it is than now, same with every other ex communist country in europe motherfucker ive been crossing eastern europ living in a diff country since i was fuckng 4, and ive seen this shit, capitalism is not freedom, and just because if you are a lazy bastard you wont get anywhere in life in communism doesnt make it unfree
    fucking doucebag

  2. Um to call you a moron would be an understatement. Yeah nothing makes a place better then sending millions of people to the gulag!!!! So Poland, East Germany, Ukraine are all worse off now then they where under communism? Are you sure about that? I understand you want to stick up for your little Russia, a country responsible for untold millions of peoples deaths around the world because of communism but come the fuck on. Why don’t you go home and learn history then come back here and apologize for being an ignorant fuck.

  3. Dude, Why do you even post this shit, do you actually think anyone cares about what you think?

  4. So your point is?

    To tell you the truth it really doesn’t matter to me if anyone cares about what I think. I do it because I enjoy writing this tripe. Really though I can ask you the same question. Why did you need to make a comment did you think anyone cares about your thoughts?

  5. I commented because honestly i just could’nt help myself, i found this page by mistake and thought “wow this guys an ignorant asshole, i should say something” and un-fortunatly i did, cause fact of the matter is you have the right to post what you want, no matter how pathetically stupid and pointless it may be.

  6. Is some of the information I put out wrong in some way is that why it’s stupid, or do you just dislike the fact that I am saying negative things about communism?

  7. The crimes committed under the “communist” regimes were indisputably inexcusable; However, totalitarianism, the political system of all the countries you listed, is not synonymous with communism. communism is an economic policy only. in fact the ideal communist state predicted by marx and engles in the manifesto has no government at all because having one would create a hierarchy and disrupt the classless society the proletariat had set up. This of course is more idealistic than the economic aspect of communism.

    communism has been abused in the countries you have listed as a grab for power by evil men. communism promises hope to the poor, a group that made up the majority in all the countries which “communism” was tried in. a few people used a large lower class to gain power for themselves. my point is that communism has never truly existed. Indian didn’t make communism look bad, but russia, china, cuba, vietnam ect… did. communism is not the opposite of democracy; totalitarianism is. It is completely possible to have a democratic communist state. please do not sully the name of communism further than it already has been.

  8. “It is completely possible to have a democratic communist state. please do not sully the name of communism further than it already has been.”

    Oh god is that a laugh. The sad thing is I think you might actually believe that…

    I’m sorry what do you want me to call those countries if they are not communist? Socialistic Totalitarian Despotisms calling themselves Communists, is that better for you?

    They where communists maybe they didn’t quite get it all the way there but they got it close enough to murder enough people for me to think they are all a bunch of evil bastards. Further more if you go off the economic principles of communism that has already proven time and time again that it doesn’t work very well. Hence the reason that places like China are doing better and better as the allow for more and more economic freedom and have less governmental intervention in the economy while places like Zimbabwe are collapsing due to state intervention in the economy.

  9. Communism, socialism, democracies, leaders, kings, rulers, monarchs, dictators, presidents, prime ministers…none of them care about the people and it doesn’t work. It never has and never will. Just as the guy before me said “it left the state up for grabs by evil men” Yes the ideal that Marx predicted sounds great. But how in the world do you expect to have a free society and humanity when you have a “Dictatorship of the proletariat”? Once you give power to someone they will abuse it no matter what. You can never trust any person in power whatsoever. Only the individual can have the power over his own property (body, or possessions). Any form of power or is a dictatorship, because Government is force, force is authoritarianism. The moment you tell someone what they can and can not do, or dictate what they can or can not do, you are a dictator…its as simple as that. Its Black or white. You either have liberty or authoritarianism, living or dying, doing what you want to do…or being told what to do. The only form of a free society or human, is as simple as that, a free society or humanity! So everyone can continue arguing over who’s ideals or system theoretically works better when the reality is, you’re doing exactly what the Illuminati whats you do to. Fighting amongst ourselves over racism, sexism, idealism…while the elites are getting away with everything and doing everything that they have planned for us. You are unconsciously perpetuation the whole of society to the New World Order that they have had planned out since the days of kings and queens. And yes Stalin was a member of the Illuminati. When instead we could all be fighting for what the real fight should be about, the oppressors, and the oppressed. The oppressed want freedom, and the oppressors rarely want to give it…The whole point of these economy problems and social problems that are so closely interlaced and interwoven and so fragile. Is so that they can bring about a one world government, it is easier to govern over a whole of society under one central order, just like Hitler did, and just like Stalin did. If anyone thinks this is just a “conspiracy theory” then you need to open your eyes, they talk about this on the House floors of Congress in the U.S. all the time, it used to be a secret, but now they are implementing this at light speed. So go ahead, continue fussing over who’s ideology sounds better, while you’re doing exactly what they want you to do…be a sheep. Government has nothing to give, and everything to take…Check out the links and you’ll see…as for the host, good post. The numbers are sad, but unfortunate…

    “We will have a one world government, whether its by consent or conquest, that is the question…” – Paul Warburg: Co-Founder of the Federal Reserve System

    “No one will enter the New world Order, no one will see the new age, without making a pledge to Lucifer…” – David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    “Complete Idiots Guide to The New World Order” –

    “No matter who they voted for, they always voted for us…” – Joseph Stalin: Illuminati member

  10. Commie aren’t cool

  11. True republicans, and by that i mean the origianal founding fathers saw what you “libertarian” just explained. If we could have stayed a strong state based republic where we expand civil liberties, alot like libertarian’s want to do now, then we wouldnt be in such a mess as we are now. Communism is like a cult, you cannot argue with them becuase they do not know what their talking about, if you do not pay attention to the kid’s who pretend they DO know what their talking about, they will get over themselves eventually.

  12. Communism will win.In countries of 3-d world.Where your fucking american capitalist kill more and more people.

  13. For ex Nigeria.Shell earns here miliards >but nigerians dies in purity/And your statistics are not real.This is your imperialistic genocide.Manupulation of other nations.Наша революция будет очень скоро.Так что держитесь америкосы.(Sorry my english is very bad)

  14. Communism will win? Where? Capitalism doesn’t kill people, it’s purely an economic theory, unlike Ccommunism that is an economic social and political theory, and does kill people millions of people.

  15. Communizm wii win in the world.I know what is capitalism.But my english very bad and i can\t explain you my mind about it,Whrer kill whos kil communism? My parents who lives in USSR love this country more,because it was the country of working,not your fucking country of Rockfellers.You capitalists steal every year miliards oil of my country/But working class now live in poority

  16. stephen, wow. You are the ignorant one! Even when numbers disgrace communism and show that it is nothing but a brutal power grab, you still support it blindly. Why is government control good? wheres the incentive to expand and invent when you know good ol’ big brother is there to wipe your ass for you? Where is the responsibility? Notice how America has gone downhill due to socialist (mini communism) views? Marx and all his buddies tried to make a communism utopia back in the day, and guess what? IT FAILED! Surprised? well I’m not! Wake up and face the facts!

  17. Communism is, in fact, merely the opposite of Capitalism.

    And yes, the comment by libertarian on March 3, 2009 at 7:05 am, is completely correct. At some point in 2012, World War Three will start, and then, some years after, the US will summon all of their bases and outposts on former fronts around the globe (Germany, South Korea, Iraq, Japan, to name a few) and initiate a global takeover, through an oppressive Nazist police state, ruling through fear. Think of it as a world-wide DPRK (North Korea), with no escape possible.

    The purpose of the Federal Reserve is as a private bank (Not Federal at all), for the leaders of the Illuminati, the true government, to collect debt and money from, and from which they can garner more power.

    You can blame Bush, Obama and even Clinton, but if you voted fro the Democrats or the Republicans, you voted for the Illuminati. The Patriot Act serves a sole purpose: To deprive us of our basic human rights, in order to “Soften Us Up” for the global takeover.

    Whilst we’re all fighting wars with our own shadowy government, that undoubtedly controls all sides in a war, you’re, in reality, losing the war each day these shadowy happening occur. A number of presidents, before the creation of the Federal Reserve Act, warned us about this. The Oil Crisis, the European Union, the World Wars, the Gulf Wars and the 9/11 attacks, to name a few, were planned and executed by the Illuminati, as is the recession and the Great Depression of the ’20s.

    If you don’t believe me, or any one of the hundreds of thousands of informed people out there, then you should look it up for yourself. The evidence is everywhere, just search on or do a search for these “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” on the net, you know you’ll find something relevant on there.

    Obama is a puppet, just as every other president of the US since JFK was killed .

    JFK was killed because he knew about the Illuminati and their plans for a New World Order, and was planning on dismantling it. If you look past the propaganda, you’ll see that his Driver actually shot him, not “Lee Harvey Oswald”. His driver worked for the Secret Service, obviously, which performed a function higher than the CIA ever could.

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