All your companies are belong to us!

mad max“Maxine Waters threatens to nationalize American oil companies”

Umm… This isn’t good.

Well for one it isn’t constitutional (as if that ever stopped congress before). Two it’s a bad bad idea, do you want the same morons that run the public schools (50% can’t read or calculate up to their grade level) and can’t figure out how to actually enforce immigration laws they have had on the books for 30 years run an oil company?

Venezuela is doing fine since they did that, right? OK well Hugo Chavez is still cool the average person is dealing with food shortages and outrageous inflation, but Hugo’s doing good.

It is however always good to watch them slip up and basically come out and say they are a bunch of Marxists. I can’t wait to hear the spin on this one. I wonder what they are going to try to take over (steal) next.

I can see it now. The department of Oil is created on June 10th 2009, on June 15th 2009 there is no oil left in the entire country.

God help use all!


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