The Marriage Project.

failed marriage

So since it dawned on me the other day that most of my friends where either getting married or already married I might as well get into the act as well. Now since I don’t usually leave my house to do anything other then go to work, get more beer, and sometimes kill a hippie or a drifter, I figured my best hope would be to take applications on my hate speech…. sorry web site.

Fist my good points:

1. I am gainfully employed.
2. I have never been convicted of a crime that involved, Murder, farm animals, rape, or grave robbing.
3. I have never had sex with Paris Hilton.
4. I am occasionally sober.
5. I can sit through a “chick-flick” as long as I get to treat it like Mystery Theater 3000.
6. I have invented over 500 new curse words.
7. I don’t own a T.V. so I might pay attention to you.
8. I know how to properly cook dog meat.
9. I shower daily.
10. I’m not a hippie.
11. I am in no way related to the following people, Al Gore, Hitler, Noam Chomsky, Pol Pot, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Lucas, Al Sharpton, David Duke, Brittany Spears, or the cast of “Rent”.
12. I don’t have any communicable diseases.
13. I’m good a drunken Karaoke.
14. I am not a communist (see #1).
15. I have life insurance (I don’t know why since I’m not married).
16. I don’t have any kids and have never been arrested for trying to sell them.
17. I don’t have a Facebook profile.
18. I’m not a vegan and therefore healthy.
19. I have never killed a hooker.
20. I have been told that I am at least moderately attractive, or at least not hideous.
21. I can get you a green card.
22. I do not now or have ever owned a Mariah Carey CD.
22. I will never ask for anal sex for either me or you.
23. I have seen the inside of a gym and sometimes do things there..
24. I promise that I will always put you first. Right after my collection of guns and Misfits records.
25. I know how to make a proper Martini.
26. You aren’t getting any younger and might want to lower you standards a little.
27. I know how to properly dispose of unwanted corpses.
28. I know the correct answer to the question “do these pants make my ass look fat?”.
29. I know the difference between good and bad techno (if it’s techno it’s probably bad).
30. I would be to lazy to kill you for insurance money.

So now that we see all of my fine points her are some of my requests:

1. Lower your standards you aren’t that cute (but I’ll tell you you are to get some).
2. You must hate “performance Art”.
3. Understand that Balzac is the Best Japanese punk band of all time.
4. Have minimal “daddy issues”.
5. Body description cannot include the words twig or marshmallow.
6. Understand some English or be really good at charades.
7. Have a job.
8. Not have track marks.
9. Be able to sit through bad Japanese Yakuza films.
10. Not currently in prison.
11. Not a hippie. must be showered/shaved.
12. Does not listen to emo, pop-punk, the Grateful Dead or Phish.
13. You can be bat-shit insane as long as it’s fun.
14. Must be Japanese.
15. Never mind #14. As long as you are a woman, and not if you got surgery to become a woman. That does not make you a woman, you have an XY chromosome you are a man no matter how many “alterations” you do. So stay the fuck away you freak.
16. Must understand that Budweiser is not beer it’s moose piss and rubbing alcohol.
17. Be able to hold your liquor because if you are going to be married to me you might need it.
So how does this work? First lose most of you self esteem it will make this a whole lot easier on both of us. Second, post things about yourself in the thread on “The Marriage Project” page on my site and we can build a relationship. Third please ask me for money due to some “strange circomstance” so I know you are really some dude from Nigeria trying to rob me. Finally make sure you drink heavily it will make it a lot easier to accept.




  1. Gee, and you’re still single? 😛

  2. That’s the point shit fucker.

  3. I love good point #26 and request #13.

    However, I think you might need to leave your house more often to find a wife. Just saying.

  4. Yes but to meet girls you go to bars, and bars don’t allow you to bring in firearms and who the hell wants to get caught up in the zombie war drunk and without a gun?

    Second the internets is safer since as of yet there is no proof that zombies can use computes, although The Daily Kos might have expanded out from their usual mental health centers and the monkey house at the zoo.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cornmeal.

  6. it doesn’t have a point, and that is the point.

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