Because they need it.

kill a hippie



  1. um, excuse me but i actually know that guy, and hes no hippie, he’s a dead head. Whats the difference you ask? A Deadhead will kick your ass!

  2. Um, right, a deadhead isn’t a hippie and not only that but they could kick someone’s ass. I’ll buy that if you buy this bridge I have for sale. I’m joking about selling you a bridge even if I was trying to scam some money out of someone i would not go for some hippie or deadhead since we all know that they might be stupid they don’t have any money.

    The Grateful Dead sucked. They still do, and a deadhead could not kick the shit out of a kitten. While they are the type of fuckhole that would try to kick the shit out of a kitten they would get their ass handed to them trying.

    Fuck hippies and fuck the Grateful Dead.

    I laugh every time I hear the words Kent State. Go fuck yourself.

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