I’ve been reading around the sphere lately that Microsoft has developed COFEE or Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor. Which does a bunch of shit including decrypting passwords, Microsoft’s passwords that is, and with Customs being allowed to seize laptops, cell phones, thumb drives etc. it’s no wonder that everybody is up in arms about their “Right to Privacy.”

Now, I’m not one to allow somebody I met at an airport access to my personal information, like bank and credit card info, but at the same time, I really have nothing to hide. I mean, sure you can take the couple hundred dollars in my bank account, you can even steal my identity, and get my whopping 580 credit score, don’t ask, long story. You won’t actually be able to get credit out of me, I wouldn’t like it very much, but still the point is the same.

Can somebody please show me somewhere where we are guaranteed a so-called Right to Privacy? I mean really, in what document does it say we have a Right to keep things private? Sure we are protected from unlawful searches and seizures, but that’s not a Right to Privacy.

Now we could take an ethical standpoint on the matter and say that it’s unethical to copy somebody’s personal data, but in today’s cyberpunk society, we are so far removed from ethics, at least in terms of technology, that you would be laughed right back to that hippie commune from whence you came. If you want to speak ethics, maybe you shouldn’t be writing about the women you fucked in the ass when they were drunk on myspace. This is like the crack head calling the drug dealer black! Uh, I mean, Pot and Kettle. I’ve already said we have Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, and when Jefferson “wrote” this, he was worried about his property, because we all know Jefferson ripped off John Locke, who originally said,

“no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”

If all they are doing is seeing what kind of child porn keeps you tugging away at night, then no one is really being harmed, well, you will be when they yell “short eyes” as you walk to your new 9×9 home, but really, wasn’t somebody actually saved?

If you don’t like this, start stealing digital representations of people’s lives and sell the info you’ve gathered to Chinese or better yet, I hear the Estonians are really doing a number on the way cybercrime.


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