Happy 60th Birthday Israel

Have fun

Yeah I said it. Fuck you Palestinians maybe your lives wouldn’t suck so much if you spent less time teaching your children to be killers instead of trying to make a better life for yourselves. Maybe then the lot of you wouldn’t be a bunch of crazy backward terrorists. It’s no wonder the other Arab counties in the area won’t let you in. You are even to crazy for those wackos.

You want your own state? Why the hell should you get one? You refused to do it when you had the chance and now look how well your doing in Gaza. rather then building yourself a state you spend all you time killing each other oppressing yourselves and attaching Israel. You all should be lucky that they haven’t wiped you off the map.

So to Israel, Happy Birthday!

So the Palestinians, fuck the lot of you. When you can at least pretend your civilized we can talk.



  1. Yeah! Happy birthday NaZionists… killers of children and women and murderers of innocent civilians – admitted by the Israelis themselves! But assholes like yourself, deserve one thing: to be called anti-Semitic monsters! For you cannot be human!


  2. Wait a second did you just call me anti-semitic, while yes both the Jews and Israelis are of semitic origin usually the word antisemitic is reserved in modern usage for people who hate the Jews, you know people kind of like yourself. So if because I am going to make fun of the Arabs rather then the Jews you get angry, and call me an antisemite, ah isn’t that cute.

    Palestinians you know, the people who spend their entire lives jerking-off to the though of killing every Jew in the world? You know the people who intentionally target innocent women and children. The IDF targets only the terrorists however when the Palestinian intentionally hid in large population areas and carry out strikes from them. It is very had to get at them without collateral damage. But this is Israel’s fault isn’t it, that the Palestinian use their own children for human shields so they can get more publicity from the “Usefully Idiots”, from the west?

    If you want to help out the Palestinians so much you can always pull a “Rachel Corrie” and get run over by a bulldozer.

    “Nazionists” I wish I had though of that one. Way to butcher the English language. It’s like the “newspeak” from 1984. It’s brilliant.

    You my friend are an ass.

  3. But…they killed Jesus damnit!!! JESUS!

  4. the word antisemitic is reserved in modern usage for people who hate the Jews

    This alone shows your ignorance…

    Go read a book… better yet, learn what and/or who a Semite really is!


  5. Yep that is how the term is generally used, rather then referring to all of the semitic tribes. And for this you might want to read a book or two, other then Mein Kampf of course.

  6. Weren’t the Semites those people in Army of Darkness? Somebody fetch me my Boom Stick, not enough Chlorine in the gene pool!

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