How to stop AIDS

How to stop AIDS

Don’t fuck people that have it!
Don’t use dirty needles!

You don’t think it’s that easy?  I woke up today went to work.

Didn’t get AIDS

Went to Wal-Mart.

Picked up flour, soap, and some corn chips, but no AIDS.

Didn’t fuck someone with AIDS

Hmmm.  Still no AIDS.  Gee that’s funny whats your excuse?



  1. AIDS is fun…but not as fun as Ebola! Catch Ebola instead!

  2. I know an even better way to stop AIDS. The same way to stop all the other STDs that have a cure! The US Patented cure for AIDS has been out since 97′. The patent # is 5676977, you can search it on

  3. I think you miss the joke matty-boy!

    Plus if this stuff really worked some company would of made billions by now off the stuff…

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