More U.N. fun

Yep the UN is up to it’s usual lies.  The U.N.’s Wold Food Program pleads poverty while holding on to 1.22 billion dollars.  Really what the hell are we still doing paying attention to these people let alone still giving them money?  Can some one tell me one thing they have accomplished?  Considering half of the money/food ends up going to dictators who use the food to give to the military or their supporters so they can hold on to power while letting their people starve.

Really is their any point to the U.N. other then making every one miserable?

Other then that hows the good old U.N. doing on that whole Darfur thing?  We make any progress yet?


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  1. We all know the point of the U.N. is to send them into hostile territory first. They have those nifty blue hats, which will make for great bullet sponges.


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