voter fraud

99% of everything the Federal Government does is unconstitutional. Don’t believe me read it for yourself.

So since it is election season your choices seem to be:

1. Socialism – I don’t like this country and want to screw it up more.

2. Socialism – I might like this country and want to screw it up up more.

3. Socialism light – I like this country and want to screw it up more.

Because The U.S. has a two party system (something not intended by the Founding Fathers), The U.S. is essentially screwed.

Republicans talk about about limited government and the traditional liberal values enshrined in the constitution, while simultaneously doing the opposite of what they are supposed to be about. Gee thanks guys, it was nice that you read the constitution it would be nice if you actually tried to abide by the thing, it is supposed to be the supreme law of the country.

Democrats on the other hand some how like to find things that aren’t even in the constitution and then say that they are constitutional, it doesn’t matter if it is or not. Why don’t you all just admit you don’t care what the thing says because you get all of your political philosophy from Karl Marx, at least you would be honest for once?

Libertarians are closer to being correct on how the government should run but they spend way to much time talking about legalizing marijuana and prostitution then actually how to stem the tide of the Governments rape of the Constitution. And it’s not like anyone of them is getting in the White House.

Other Parties: Who cares? Really do you?

However rather then forcing the government to do it’s job and only it’s job delineated in the constitution, the people of the U.S. instead would rather let people steal their freedoms. They don’t vote for people who will uphold the law they vote for the people who will steal the most from their neighbors to give it to them. Really why bother to work when the government will take productive peoples property though force and give it to you. Every single one of you is a useless leach.

And this is the point half of you have written me off as a crank. Thanks to the public educational system the government guaranteed that most people are not smart enough to even understand the basic concepts of their own government, and most of you are to worried about if some celebrity forgot to put on underwear rather then the fact that your own government is trying to turn you all into slaves.

Wake up buy a gun and vote for Mickey Mouse because at least he can’t screw this country up any more then it already is.


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