Danzig vs. Michale Graves: The ongoing war.

Why do people feal the need to continue to debate the Misfits on youtube when they are watching a Michale Graves video? While I understand that he was at one time a singer for the band, he is currently in his own band and no longer with the Misfits. OK, some people didn’t like him when he was in the Misfits and in some cases refuse to accept that it is the Misfits without Danzig. Fair enough. But for god’s sake why do you need to debate this every time his name comes up even if it has no relevance to topic at hand, like a video of his solo project? If you don’t like his solo stuff explain why, yell about that or go away, at least that would be relevant.

If the man shot ten people, his trial would degenerate into a conversation on who killed more people him or Danzig.

Also just so you all know Michale Graves USMC…  Yeah fuck you with that one.

You might as well complain about the price of gasoline during a conversation about socks.


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